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    I have never had a better knife then a good combat bayonet I have a Old M-7 in a M8A1 scheath I also have a swedish bayonet thats about 93 years old both are razor sharp and in exellent shape and I use these when I go up in the mountains for everything I dont use the expensive fancy ground hunting knives I even have a couple hand forged blades with wooden grips and yes I even have a old skinning blade i got at a muzzle loading shop years ago it cost me a whole 5 bucks and it has been used on so many skins it is showing wear from being sharpened with a old hand wet stone. I know there are lots of guys out there that have those fancy blades with a tactical version with a price tag in the high end of a hundred bucks ... WHY ? LOL no offense guys I am just a old timer who enjoys his easy low level kinves they served me well these many years I have no reason to change......;)
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    My problem with the high dollar knives is I hate to spend the money then use it how I use a knife. For about anything. I've had great luck is decent knives that didn't cost me a while lot. I do have a decent collection of Case knives that I buy just because I like liking at them. Some of those are kind of pricey because they are older. I have a S&W Border Patrol folding knife and one with Winchester on it (not sure who actually made it). THe steel is pretty good but nothing fancy. I can put a good edge on them and if I chip a blade I can replace then a few times over for what a Benchmade would run me. I used to like Gerber knives poretty well till I got one with a china stamp on it.:mad:

    To each their own I guess but I'll keep my old hand made fixed blades and the cheaper folders. And yeah..I got a couple old bayonets too:)

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    As long as it is solid built and takes a good edge,I am good with it,most of my favorite knifes cost 20.00 or less. I have a scharade sharpfinger and a gerber gator as my no.1 hunting knifes.
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    I have collected antique knives for years and to find a 100 year old knife in mint condition is the ultimate goal of all collectors. However when I find an old folder that has been heavily used but not abused I just wonder the story it could tell. While the new ones have no history the used ones have been there and done that. A bonus in my book.
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    I like knives, I like talking knives, meeting knife makers, using knives, looking at them, etc. I'll probably get married just so I can get my favourite maker to forge a one of a kind cake knife for the ocassion.

    I enjoy adding pieces to my collection and using them, so when I find something I like and I can afford it, I buy it. It's not just about function, I'm very aware that a $400 knife is rather unlikely to perform four times as well as a $100 knife.

    I'm not a true "collector" since I've got no safe queens, my unique customs work for a living just like all my blades. :) Because that's the way I get the most pleasure out of knives: cutting stuff!

    Still, I feel drawn to simple inexpensive knives that get the job done. In fact, I tend to enjoy using them more than some of my "better" knives. Classics like Opinels, Case yellow handle CV slipjoints, Scandinavian fixed blades (everybody needs a Mora #1!) and basic Swiss army knives.