Old and new guns.

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    Well it was cold and the wind was a soft breeze from directly behind the benches and at 50 yards a 40+ year old Browning Automatic Rifle punched 5 holes (repeatedly) under two inches while an unsteady hand did its best to hold it on target.
    (hopefully that showed up)

    My grandfather baught this rifle for my grandmother a few years after they got married and has taken many deer and a few hogs and is in excellent condition for a hunting gun. All the metal work is still good, even the bluing is hardly worn anywhere save the muzzle. Originally it was outfited with a Weaver Qwik-Point but I wanted to test accuracy of the rifle and the stability of my Bushnell Banner 6-24x on Simmons rings. I'm glad to say that the scope performed admirably for being mounted to a 308 Win and the turrets didnt back out at all like they did the first time I used it, I've snugged them down since then and keep the turret covers on loosely.
    My grandparents were practically bursting at the seams with pride of the old workhorse rifle and its accuracy, especially since it didnt have a steady rest.
    I kicked my self all day for forgetting my field bi-pod that I usually do my accuracy test from. If I had to guess I'd say its a 1-MOA rifle at 100 yards, if the 50 yard tests is any indication.

    A quick squib on my WASR-10/63, my sights I had fixed work perfectly save I need to knock the front post left 1/16th an inch. It was shooting from a gun-mounted bi-pod at 25 yards getting within 1 inch squares.

    On another note, my newly baught used FAL (inch pattern R1A1 from CAI) did fire every shot of steel cased 308 win I put through it with both metric and inch pattern magazines. I do have copper scrappings along the feed ramp and bottom of the chamber lip, even after modifying the rails of the receiver to match the lips of the magazine and polish the knife like edge off of the feed ramp like someone on the FALFiles suggested to someone else. Still no accuracy test out of it yet though, no scope and the iron sights suck for someone like me unfortunately.

    Now for the pistols...

    This is a Rossi (model 97104) 357 Magnum with 158 grain SJHP Remington Express ammo with nickel plated brass...of course I saved them for reloads. The first shot was a flyer because of my loose grip on such a small grip of the revovler. I baught this thing for $225 off of a guy who was going through some hard times and needed the money. I inspected the whole thing and made sure it was all good, the only thing wrong with it is the tight chambers, but I'm not complaining since I can fix that pretty easily. I also shot a 6 shot, two fist sized group at 7 yards with 38 Special+P 125 grain SJHP from Remington UMC ammo. Sorry didnt have a picture of that.

    This is my shooting partner Zach shooting his first handgun that officially under his name. He asked what he should get for defending the wife and his home from less than likable people and I told him to go with the new XD(M) in 45acp. He liked my Glock 30sf but wanted a full size pistol.
    Both of us agree this gun recoils about as much as my old 3 and 1/2 inch 9mm used to recoil. Its probably due to the excellent design and development of the gun. We were using 230 grain FMJ from Fiocchi.

    I was going to put in the video of Zach using the 357 Magnum but he commited a range faux-pas I'm a little unwilling to show. Even safe-minded people do stupid things every now and then, thankfully no one got hurt and no shots were accidently discharged.

    All in all it was a good range trip, but there was one thing that kind of bites, I lost my pocket knife somewhere on the range and we couldnt find it. Time for a new one if the range owner doesnt find it when sweeping up brass.
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    great range report, videos are awesome and I'm glad to hear you had a good time. thanks for the report

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    Sounds pretty good. Thanks for the report.