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    i got 3 rifles from my father one is a j. stevens crack shot 22 long rifle mint. One is winchester arms 1906 22 long pump model 406612b i believe and its in need of a new stock and pump. i cant find anything online for parts. and last is a j. stevens 25 long rifle from 1894 i think its a favorite and the only numbers i find on it are under the handle and its stamped j 92. its in need of a butt plate front sight and i think it has a adjustable sight on the stock. I have looked online and went to two gun shows and cannot find any help. any one have any ideas or help?
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    For your Model 1906, try here: Firearm Parts and Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts Corp. | e-GunParts.com

    If that was not a typo, and you have a .25 RF, that is not a .25 LR, it is a .25 Stevens Rimfire- and I wish you the very best of luck in finding ammo- it has been out of production a LONG time- and no, you cannot shoot .22 ammo in it. But the sme source (gunpartscorp,com) MAY have what you need, If it is not listed, email them. They sometimes have parts (a few) and they don't list them.