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what caliber is it?
heres a list of possible matches
.32 single action (model 1-1/2 centerfire)
.38 single action 1st model (baby russian)
.38 single action 2nd model
.38 single action mexican model
.32 double action 2nd model
then theres the .32 double action 1st model but only 30 of those were ever made
it could be worth anywhere from 175 to 3600

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Hey, thanks for the response. It is a .38. The closest thing I could find online to it was a baby Russian. It holds 5 rounds, however, I never can find the exact gun anywhere their are always slight variations. Like on this one the handle looks authentic and wooden but it doesn't have the SW logo like a lot of them I see. Your thinking it might be worth $175?
well it's either the
.38 single-action 1st model (baby russian)
or the .38 single-action 2nd model
they are pretty much identical

the 1st model was made in 1876 and 1877
im leaning towards this one because of the rubber grips.
the value mainly depends on the condition
very good condition would be 1200
good condition would be 900
and fair will be 350

the 2nd model was made from 1877 to 1891
the value for these are
very good 375
good 275
fair 195

i hope its the 1st model

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Just a side note.. You mentioned the grips being rubber. The grips on this gun are wooden. I dont know if that helps any. Otherwise, thanks for the information where is best place to go try to sell and also how do you know which condition the gun is in?
whoops i meant wood grips.
wood grips most likeley mean its a 1st model from my research

heres the basic definition of the condition
excellent - must be in 98% condition with respect to blue wear, stock or grip finish. Everything! on the gun must be factory original
very good - 92% instead of 98% rest of info is the same as aboce

good- just means minor modifications and damages to the gun but it's still in working order

fair- the gun still works but is beat up

poor- gun may or may not work and is really beat up

from the pics you have i would say that its in good to very good condition
but im not sure since i cant physically hold the gun
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