Oklahoma: Consuming small amounts of alcohol while CCing?

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    I know it sounds stupid. However, I CC, and will occasionally go out to eat with friends. I am not a big drinker, and will typically only do so on birthdays or whatever (and would of course not CC then). However, say I am eating dinner with friends or family and one buys / makes some new drink. I were to try a sip while CCing (just to try it), would I be breaking the law? Another would-be common case is if my parents offer me a half-glass of wine or something when I am eating with them (I do leave my gun in the car when I do this), but then half an hour later I go back out to the car to leave? If I still have a minute amount of alcohol in my system, would I be breaking the law since I am still "concealed carrying" a loaded firearm (in OK, it is still considered that if it is loaded and concealed in your vehicle, even if not on your person)?

    I have read over the laws in both my Oklahoma Concealed Carry manual, and on Handgunlaw.us, but I can't find if it is expressly prohibited.

    On handgunlaw, they actually say this, which makes me wonder if it is not expressly prohibited to do what I am asking:

    Like I said, I am not a big drinker (don't really like the taste of alcohol, and don't typically like its effects.... not to mention alcohol costs an arm and a leg). However, if occasionally I'd like to try a small taste of someone else's drink (and know it is not nearly enough to have any measurable affect on me physiologically), I don't want to go to jail. I am definitely aware of the legal mess it could cause if I just tried a sip of whatever drink, and then had to use (or even brandish) my pistol for SD, and the officer on the scene smelled it on my breath. So, this wouldn't be a regular occurance, and is just something I am curious about.

    Until I figure it out or ever become comfortable with the legal risks, however, I will probably be satisfied with leaving the pistol field-stripped and locked in the trunk, heh.

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    The law is vague, on personal consumption, I do agree on that, and I live in Oklahoma and CC. But I think you have already figured out the safest and most correct answer to your question. ;)


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    just say no thanks. consuming alcohol while handling firearms or driving is not smart. it doesnt take much to impare.

    when your risking your life or the lives of others when driving or protecting same while carrying the prosecuter will use any amount of alcohol you consume even a drop and turn you into a raging alcoholic in front of the jury. as will the news media and every liberal on the planet regardless of whether you rescued the president from an assassin with a well placed shot or not.

    drinking while carrying, regardless of the ammount and laws regarding such, is in my opinion probably on the same level of wise choices as walking into a prison shower naked in handcuffs with "rape me" spray painted all over yourself.
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    Gotta agree here. Can you imagine some defense attorney asking you about drinking while carrying a gun? No matter how justified the shooting might be, you'd be completely hosed on the stand. Bottom line - NEVER DRINK AND CARRY. Ever.