OK You having dinner with 4 people

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  1. cpttango30

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    You are having dinner with 4 other people. These 4 people can be alive or dead (We will use worschesterire sauce to bring them back). These 4 people can ba who ever you want from time relitives or famous people. You need to explain to us why you picked these four people and what your going to talk about.

    I would pick the following

    1. My grandfather from my mothers side. I would talk about our family and lives with him maybe some of whats going on in the world today.

    2. George Mason, Politics and the 2nd amendment.

    3. Abraham Lincoln, I would want to find out exactly what he wanted to do after the civil war. State of the union today with th treatment of African Americans.

    4. leonides, I would talk about the state of warfare and if they really did "LOVE" their battle buddies.
  2. Shotgun Shooter

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    1. Billy Mays. Ask him the purpose for screaming in all the infomercials.

    2. George Washington. See how life was like back then, while being the first ever President.

    3. Hitler. The whole Holocaust plot and how he paid his gas bill.

    4. Tred Barta. Ask him why he thinks so highly of himself. If you've ever seen his show, the beginning of every episode says it all.


  3. Gojubrian

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    1. King Solomon - please...share with me your wisdom!!

    2. Chojun Miyagi - Show me the real meaning of GoJu kata (bunkai) as how it was taught to you. (yes, there really was a miyagi)

    3. Bruce Lee - You're 5' 7" and 135lbs...I'm sure you were all moviehype and I'm going to kick your little butt to prove it. Scream all you want, but it's going to end with GnP!!

    4. Betty Jane Wilson (my mom)- I have so much to talk with her about, but never got the chance. :eek:
  4. Benning Boy

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    1) Chuck. If I have to explain, you'll never understand.

    2) J.D. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth.

    3)Maury Povich, so he can verify or refute that J.D. and I were separated at birth.

    4) That Man vs. Food guy. Let's see just how bad he really is.
  5. spittinfire

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    1) Johnny Cash - he is one of my all time favorite singers and his life story is just amazing. I'd just like to shoot the breeze with him.

    2) Wyatt Earp - Do I need to explain?

    3) Great Grandfather on my dad's side - I never met him but I've heard a bunch of stories. He sounds like a real man's man and from what I've been told, quite a marksman.

    4) King David - I want him to teach me to use a slingshot and ask him what the heck he was thinking with Bathsheba.
  6. Dillinger

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    LOL - I couldn't agree more. Definitely seperated at birth. We dont need no stickin test... :D
  7. Dillinger

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    Awesome Thread Tango!! I was going to post something similiar but this idea is better.

    For me?

    1) Miyamoto Musashi - He wrote The Book of Five Rings, one of the best texts on training of troops, command, combat and life I have ever read. Samurai. Undeafeted in, I believe, 63 live sword duels to the death. Several fights, later in life, he fought with a wooden Bokken and still won against raw steel. Teach me.

    2) Rommel - Probably one of the greatest military geniuses ever. He was only stopped, and thankfully, from decimating the Ally forces by Hitler hamstringing him. He had a better plan that the Furher, he had better equipment than the Allies and he had a tactical advantage to push forward. Teach me.

    3) King Lyonidas of Sparta - What really happened at the Hot Cliffs? Teach me.

    4) John Moses Browning - Just talk to me about gun design and teach me all you can.

  8. user4

    user4 New Member

    Nice call on Rommel, JD. Very nice.

    1. Albert Einstein - Teach me everything you know
    2. Enoch - How does one be so kickass that God Himself can't wait to hang with you?
    3. William Casey - Former DCI for Reagan. Ran the world for a few years.
    4. Barack Obama - To teach him my Five Point Exploding Palm Technique
  9. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Thank you. That guy was a holy terror. Hitler would have probably won Africa and had a real Wolverine by the tail if he let Rommel advance. The US and her allies were quite lucky that Hitler thought so little of his best general.

    Ineff - Have you read Frank Dux's book "The Secret Man" ???

    Dux claims to have worked directly for Casey, detailing meetings, assignments and all sorts of cool clandestine stuff. It's a great read, though much of it has been branded as self serving propoganda by the Anti-Dux sect....
  10. user4

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    Beyond a doubt, he was the best general in that war. He would have won Africa hands down and probably delivered Europe thereafter.

    No, I had not Idea Frank wrote a book, actually. However I saw Bloodsport about 2 dozen times... I'll look out for it. It was Woodwards book titled Veil: Secret wars of the CIA That really opened my eyes to the world around me. Great effing read.
  11. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Agreed. I think Africa was sealed and delivered if he just went ahead with his plans. His spearhead strike had crippled the Allies and his Panzers were head and shoulders above anything out there. When we conquered Africa, if he came back North, he would have been a HUGE problem of the Allies.

    Yeah, you can probably get it from Amazon for like $5 in paperback. It has photos in there of Dux breaking magnum champagne bottles with jump spinning back kicks and punching his hand through bullet proof glass.

    The book is first person, talking about early martial arts career, becoming Pha Ma ( Flying Horse ) for his renowned jumping kicks and becoming a world champion. Then he meets William Casey, by invitation, in a men's room in some hotel here in the states and goes into specialized training to become Casey's reach out and touch someone badass.

    The story jumps between present day, he is hunting a rogue agent named Fish, and different parts of his life and experience. Apparently Casey was a very good man, and had a hellascious need to see that people were punished in accordance to their crimes.

    It's a good read. I would highly recommend it since you are into that sort of thing. You won't be disappointed and you will learn some neat phrases that Casey used to use.... LOL
  12. CA357

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    1. Jesus Christ

    2. John Moses Browning

    3. Theodore Roosevelt

    4. My maternal Grandfather who immigrated here from Italy.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    1) My fraternal Great-grandfather who lived, worked and died in Dublin, Ireland at the age of 99.

    2) Wyatt Earp, a man of few words, but direct and epic actions.

    3) Geronimo, Apache war chief gifted with wisdom, cunning and spiritual power.

    4) John Wayne, starred in and directed "The Green Berets" in 1968 and was also a man of few words and epic actions, described as "ugly, strong and dignified."

  14. orangello

    orangello New Member

    1. My mother's father, would love to chat about life in Sullivan's Hollow, never met him.
    2. Jesus, i have some questions & his dad would be too scary (also wonder if he eats pork).
    3. Milla Jovovich, for obvious scenery reasons & to discuss smoking the MJ.
    4. Mohammed, just to ask if these extremists are misinterpreting him or WTF? (maybe to snap a quick pic, too)
  15. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    1. General George Patton - Would love to hear what he has to say about the current administration.
    2. Thomas Jefferson - Discussion around his take on where the Nation has gone.
    3. Ronald Reagan - I would like thank him for showing us the way to build a strong country and invite his thoughts on where we are today.
    5. Marilyn Monroe - To get a woman's prospective and just to add some excitement to the evening.
  16. AsmelEduardo

    AsmelEduardo New Member

    My mother: There are so many things that I did not have time to tell.
    Jesus Christ ...that dinner would last forever.
    Simon Bolivar: Would love to hear what he has to say about Chavez misused his name and what what he thinks about what has become his dream.
    My Father.... he also has much to tell to my mother.
  17. gorknoids

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    1. George Carlin. I want to hear the jokes that he was absolutely prohibited from telling.

    2. My Dad. I spent years not asking him about Normandy, then he unexpectedly gave me 10 minutes early one morning, and I never pushed the issue. Enter 2 strokes and Alzheimer's, and I never did hear every damned thing he had to say. Not to get all dramatic about this, but I am disgusted with myself for not recognizing that he really wanted to talk about it. I simply fell back to observing the perimeters we'd always honored. I should have asked a bunch of questions, but I was too busy making sense of the fact that he was talking about it at all.

    3. Albert Einstein. I'd like to thank him for staying off my turf.

    4. Hieronymus Bosch. The first person to accurately depict a hangover.