Ok, so what do we do with somethink minor like a hurricane?

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  1. GlenJohnson

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    Got you're basic water, candles, dried top raman noodles, spam, canned vegetables and fruits , batteries, flashlights, generator, extra gas, radios, cell phone with internet access, including weather and e-mail, battery charger for said cell phone, 22 lr. Live far enough out where there is plenty of wood for fires. Matter of fact, live far enough inland, probably won't have to worry about hurricanes, which is why we chose this area when we moved down from the Chicago area. Things needed, 12 gauge for mocassins and rattlers, 45 for peace of mind. Anything we're missing?:confused:
  2. tipsovr

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    Tarps? I live about 80 miles inland and we still had folks loose roofs to trees when Isabel came through.

  3. Chuck

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    Funny you should mention hurricanes. I went to a briefing on disaster preparedness earlier today. The guest speaker for the morning session is the Police Chief for Slidell, LA. His people are supposed to have enough stuff ready for 10 days. He also didn't have many nice things to say about FEMA - the other "F" word.
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    Yeah, so long as the mayor doesn't illegally declare that citizens all of a sudden cannot be trusted with firearms and must turn them into police. Having all the supplies in the world won't matter then, because you will not likely survive, either due to getting killed, or your supplies robbed and you starve. They can have my guns and ammo, but they will get the bullets first!
  5. bkt

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    You didn't happen to ask him about Mayor Nagin's gun confiscation, did you?

    In spite of what the media and conventional wisdom might say, FEMA actually mobilized more people and materials in less time than during any other disaster. It surely wasn't a perfect operation, but natural disaster coordination never will be. It sounds like that Chief was either bashing Bush or, like so many in NO, expecting someone else to take care of him.
  6. GlenJohnson

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    60 miles from the Atlantic, 80 miles from the Gulf, but with a brand new metal roof, I'm hoping it will hold up to the few trees we have around. Saw the special with Mayor Negans gun confiscation, where the sam hill did he get off with that?
  7. pioneer461

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    Crank-up AM/FM/Weather radio, in the likely event the cell phone towers go Tango Uniform.

    Medications that you may need, both perscription and OTC.

    A well stocked First Aid kit.

    FRS Walkie-talkies, one for each member of your party, with rechargeable batteries.

    C.B. radio.

    Self defense pistol for each mature & responsible member of your party.

    Special products that may be needed by the ladies.

    Good supply of toilet paper.

    A good supply of cash because your credit card will be useless if there is no power or phone lines.

    Topographical area map and a good compass.

    Can't always choose where you live or wind up.

    Waterproof matches and/or butane lighters.

    Tarps / tents, blankets.

    Changes of clothes. Esp. sox and underwear.

    Laundry soap.

    Flare gun and whistle in case you need rescuing.

    A bigger rig to haul all this stuff.:cool:
  8. randy

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    If it were me I'd move away from the coast, it's going to be under water
    someday anyway? LOL Live in Pa. Bundle up in my lazy boy & read a book
    & watch the snow fall through the double windows. Listen to the fire place
    snap & crack while sipping of a cup of coffee.. Might even watch the events
    about the Hurrican on TV..

    Where ever you R, Good Luck
  9. GlenJohnson

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    LOL, that's why I left Norther Illinois. Northern Florida actually gets color changes on the leaves, without getting the snowfall. Enjoy.:D
  10. GlenJohnson

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    Randy, I hope you meant watch the snow fall OUTSIDE the double window and not THROUGH the double window. That could get cold. Enjoy.:eek:
  11. c3shooter

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    A gallon of Chlorox. Emergency water purifier, and cleanup for the gunk. Small OC pepper spray- if you wind up in a public shelter, they MAY collect all the guns- but a small spray in your pocket is likely to be missed. Leatherman/ Swiss Army knife. Roll of 550 parachute cord, duct tape, poly/ tarp.



    Hello all/Responce to

    Ron L here= SERESURPLUS

    When thinkjing Disaster, or really any kind, the big thig to remember is Water, Food and shelter, all the rest really just provide the means to protect what you have invested in those things? I like to have area's I can Evac to, shelter in the way of small tesnts, or lean to tyles of material Like tarps or Canvas! I like to have some food set a side, canned and dry as well as an cache or stash of water and ammunition! Of course, firearms to Protect and maybe , if realy lucky some hunting, but not all that part of the pan, more for defence of what one has left? Ask looters what they think about sifting through thr ruins of your house when your 12GA is pointing at them? Same goes with those that paln to "Take it when they need it". or those that Plan to take from us what is more precious than our possessions, like our life or dignity? In short, sarting to shash what you need now, small set backs of food water and weapons, slowly go with that which ya need now, as in a disaster, you will still need it! Try to make your extended stay at the Tent Hotel as comfortable as one can, with a Minumum of effort and a return for the $ invested! That means, MRE's, well ya can, byt why? One can make ones MRE Types of Rations a lot cheaper and with a trip to the Dollar store a lot better to your needs? Try out your plan, Evac and supplies, better to find out on an "outing", what failed or you forgot then when things like "katrina" Visit you?