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OK so I am now an XD guy

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Picked up a XD 9 a couple of hours ago. Hopefully will take it to the range in the morning. Also picked up a Ruger Mark III to have a little fun with.
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Congrats! I like my XD45 (Glock part two, but what the hell, right?). You will enjoy shooting it, very pleasant and accurate.

We'll be waiting for the range report.
I've shot the .40 model....liked it but I'm more of a hammer guy.
I've got 2 and love them both. have thousands of rounds thru my 45ACP and since I just got the sub compact 9 last week I haven't had time to put too many thru it. New years eve should change that...
Welcome to the club!
Took it to the range today. Boy am I happy. Flawless operation, accurate (even with me pulling the trigger), it just felt good in may hands in the store and even better on the range. Only put 50 rounds through it but afterwards I could stick fist through the target. Too cool.

I also shot my new .22's. It was a very fun day but I hooked on the XD.

Plus to easy to tear down for cleaning. Can you feel my smile?
...... Can you feel my smile?
You betcha! Dog-goned good gun, with added features hard or impossible to find on others.

Country of origin at first caused hesitation on my part, but after putting hundreds of rounds through the gun, it has proven itself more than worthy.

Thinking of trading my Glock 21 for an XDm!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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