ok, I found what I want in a musket, would you say this is a good one?

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    I've looked through the site and the majority of them say they've been proof tested, but coincidently the one that looks most appealing to me doesn't have this wording in the description of the gun. what's your opinion on this gun?
    1796 Heavy Dragoon carbine
    this is what I mean about the proof testing guarantee on other guns on the same site:
    http://www.loyalistarms.freeservers.com/british174050carbine.html(at the very bottom, this is lacking in the one I want)
    also, does the barrel length make that much of a difference in a musket? other than possibly losing a little velocity from a shorter barrel, I don't think it would make much difference, right? this one has a 26" barrel where I know a normal musket goes from 30-46" barrel. I like the short barrel since I'm in brushy country where a shorter barrel is a premium and a long barrel is a serious burden. what's your opinion on this issue?
    PS: if I had the choice, I'd delete my other two threads on here for manners sake, but the site doesn't allow that.
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    I think you'll notice the barrel length difference more with shot charges than with round ball. You'll give up some velocity but your shot charges will open up a lot sooner. The good thing about it being a muzzle loader is you can somewhat tailor the loads by using more shot than powder to keep patterns tighter. More powder than shot opens them up more. Hope it works out for you.

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    Congratulations , looks like you found what you were lookin for . Albeit the price is way over what you were looking to spend in your earlier threads at $660 plus shipping now for the gun . Big jump from the original $400 .
    Let us know how it shoots if you get it , and keep us posted on just how rough they are ? The pictures look very rough for almost $700 .
    Carbine size should be quite handy for your neck of the forest though .
    Enjoy , and how about some close up pics of a real one when you get it rather than the hand picked models they are showing on the website pictures . I know $1,000 is alot to come up with , but your already at $700.00 with this carbine ? Maybe worth waiting and saving and getting a decent gun instead of risking throwing away $700 then having to spend the $1,000 on a replacement anyway ? Just a thought , and good luck to you either way , but whatever you do wear a Flack Jacket , Helmet , and Lexan Goggles when you light it off the first time :D
    Second time ? Third time ? Teazin ;);)
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    another problem, all the $1000+ muskets I'm finding aren't carbines.