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    I have put up a page with the latest "Concealed Carry World" radio show (many of you stated you wanted to hear the actual show), so you can have a listen and make your own opinion as to whether you would like to have your voice heard or not.

    I would love to have a lot of you call in and share your expertise on a regular basis. This forum is so full of knowledgeable people that I think the audience would benefit greatly and enjoy the content you guys can offer.

    Aleo Flash MP3 Player Builder - is the link to the show.

    Thanks and I hope you can see that not all people are out to get other people, actually I'm a very successful voice actor (radio, television, film) and took this on because I love radio and I think the informative nature of the show is one that all can enjoy. I was actually hired for my voice and delivery style, NOT my knowledge on guns (I do love to shoot, but my experience is very limited compared to you guys). I DON'T proclaim to be an expert and that's why I turned to a forum like this so I could learn and expand my knowledge from people like you, who are so passionate and knowledgable about this.

    Anyway, enough said.

    Thanks for the great forum.