OK City Pharmacist Found Guilty of Murder

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  1. alsaqr

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    Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland has been found guilty of first degree murder for the shooting of a teen age perp who tried to rob his pharmacy. Ersland shot the perp and then chased another perp from the store while shooting at him. Ersland then came back to the store, got another gun and shot the wounded perp five more times, killing him.

    Ersland is a case study how to get charged after a fatal shooting. Ersland lied to the cops and gave TV interviews.

    Druggist in OKC is convicted of murder | Tulsa World

    Links about the case:

    Judge Elliott To Remain; Trial Date Set For Ersland - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

    The video:

    VIDEO: Oklahoma City Pharmacist Shooting Armed Robber #1*|*The Cardinal
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  2. SoupNazi

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    He missed and hit the possibly unarmed kid (did not see arms and it looked like he was hiding behind the other kid) - then proceeded to shoot that kid 5 more times - wow. It seems like the situation was over at that point...?

  3. rjd3282

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    Should have pinned a medal on him instead. I have no sympathy for these little *******s. You want to point guns and rob people be prepared to pay the price.
  4. rifleman1

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    the threat is over when the bad guy is dead...DEAD. not wounded.
  5. SoupNazi

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    Please note that I would have cut this pharmacist a little more slack had these perpetrators been adults.

    I still think coming back in wandering around for a bit then shooting the guy five more times, then calling the police is kind of suspect. It looks more like anger (to me) at that point rather than SD. It must have to the jury also as he got convicted.

    We have castle laws in Ohio and I think I would have been in some hot water for that one.

    I also hope I would have remained more calm or at least something other than angry and not done that.
  6. BombDoc

    BombDoc New Member


    Adult = anyone wielding a gun in a threatening manner toward me.

    The initial contact shooting would have been fine. The rest well.....he's gonna pay for that.
  7. dog2000tj

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    We have too much tolerance for thieves in todays society :mad:

    I can have some empathy with a man trying to provide for his family, but nowadays more often than not it's just some lowlife fucking scumbag who is too lazy or stupid to work. :cool:
  8. Bighead

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    Beyond the video, the pharmacist went on the news telling stories that were not even close to the story told by the physical evidence. His story was so grandiose and changed so many times that I started to wonder if he was a mental patient. He even inflicted some wounds on himself about a week after the incident and went to his doctor claiming he had been shot. Weird deal, and in my opinion he contributed to his own conviction even more than the evidence did.

    I've also heard rumors that the defense didn't do a very good job. He hired one of the local "on the TV" lawyers to represent him. The media here reported disagreements between two medical examiners about whether the robber was even alive for the followup shots that earned him the murder conviction, but apparently the defense team didn't pursue that track to reasonable doubt.

    Trust me, our DA is not hot for self-defense prosecutions, and from what I remember of the news coverage at the time he seemed fairly reluctant. The pharmacist continued to get on the news with his contradictory stories, the police interviews apparently showed dramatic inconsistencies, and the video was compelling enough to leave the DA no where to hide.


    1. Call 911.
    2. Identify yourself as the victim, and point out the assailant.
    3. Point out evidence.
    4. Point out witnesses.
    5. Tell the police you will cooperate fully, after 24 hours and an opportunity to speak with you attorney.

    The 6th point should be "Don't do news interviews, and don't lie."
  9. Cinderocka1989

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    If you aren't talking to the cops then you better not be talking to anyone else. and as Mark Twain said "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
  10. Sniper03

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    I agree! Sounds like there is more to the story than what I am reading. Including maybe the Pharmacist went way beyond normal reaction.
    The jury will no doubt decide.

    But I do have one opinion. A person committing a crime, regardless of age who has the conscious to point a gun at an individual to possible injury or take a life is subject what ever comes! I do not buy that poor juvenile BS. They know right from wrong. In the world we live in it is my opinion that the young person would have to be below the age of 6 to not know right from wrong. Unless they had prior medically recorded mental conditions.

  11. alsaqr

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    Erlsand and his lawyer did a some other stuff too. They got one judge off the case and tried to get judge Ray Elliott off the case because Elliott uttered the term "vetback" in reference to some Hispanics who worked for him. The OK Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that Elliott would hold the trial and he did. If i were a judge and a guy charged with murder tried to take me off the case it would po me just a little bit. i might get even when the guy came to trial.

    To be fair; there is some figurative incest here too: The wife of judge Eliott works for the prosecutor.
  12. Dillinger

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    How is these even a point of debate??

    Kid has a gun, threatens with a gun, insinuates he has a gun and wants to rob pharmacist.

    Pharmacist has a justified shooting. At this point.

    Then chases the other kid out of the store. Wrong move number one.

    Then proceeds to come back in and shoot a wounded perp five more times!! :eek::confused:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over?!?! Self Defense is you shoot until the threat is no longer a threat. Period. Not come back inside and administer a coup de grace to a downed, unconscious opponent.

    The reason he was convicted by a jury of FIRST DEGREE MURDER is because he executed an unconscious person.

    I don't care if the guy was a kid, or a crook, both or if he was the worst of the worst. You took your shot and you hit the guy, he went limp, you left the scene in pursuit of another member, then came back and shot a downed human being 5 more times!

    Forget the lying to police, the news interviews, all that crap that happened after he shot the guy/kid the SECOND set of times.

    He came back and executed an unconscious human being.

    That is not self defense. That is not what 2A is about and I would like to think that is NOT what members of our forum are about.

  13. Car54

    Car54 New Member

    Right on the money JD.
  14. SoupNazi

    SoupNazi New Member

    I like this - especially the phantom 6th point. Especially the don't lie part. The truth shall set you free.
  15. SoupNazi

    SoupNazi New Member

    Its even worse - the kid he hit and downed was NOT the one with the gun (or at least a visible gun). The blonde kid with the visible gun bolted out the door.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Indeed. I concur, the threat was down and out.

    That does not matter. Guilty by association, according to the law. Both would have been charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and/or murder if it occurred.
  17. quigleysharps4570

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    Betting he's wishing he hadn't went back in and shot the guy 5 more times. Now he'll spend the rest of his days living with the type of scum he just killed.
  18. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member Supporter

    Two adults with long rap sheets masterminded that robbery. At least one of those adults waited in the getaway car. Those two scumbags were sentenced to life in prison for murder. The little varmint with the gun was 14 years old at the time of the attempted robbery: He plead guilty to murder but will be out of prison in a couple of years because of our sorry juvenile laws.
  19. pandamonium

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    I think Mr pharmacist did a great job, right up to the point he chased the perp out the door. The threat runs out the door and he is no longer a threat, the other guy is on the floor unconscious and bleeding from a hole in his head, no longer a threat. He should have kept the guy on the floor covered and got on the phone to the police. Or better yet the other employees in the store should have already BEEN on the phone to the police.

    I commend him defending himself and his co-workers/employees, but this was over in seconds and should have stayed over.

    I know that cool heads don't remain cool in a situation like this, but the results (his conviction of 1st degree murder) speak for themselves. I think that if you choose to be an armed citizen, then it is your responsibility to have the presence of mind to know when the threat is over.

    With that said, the little piece of sh!t got what he deserved, a bullet to the head, too bad the other one didn't stick around long enough to get a matching one!
  20. knfxda

    knfxda New Member

    Well, I know that I found the right place here at FTF (although there is still a tinfoil-hat contingency here, but I guess that's unavoidable). :D

    There is at least some common sense here and not a wall of internet bravado! When this 1st came out I posted that this was flat out murder on other boards, I was shouted down.

    Pandamonium put it best