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    Has anyone seen the oil can solvent catchers that are obviously for use as suppressors on ebay? They run about 30 bucks. Not legal and I don't advise anyone to try it but they are interesting.
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    This has come up a couple of times. Then we debate the legalities of replacing the filter. Kinda senseless debate. Who wants an oil filter attached to their barrel? :confused:

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    I would not buy one, because of the replacement having to be sent back to the factory instead of screwing on a new one yourself. But that is not my point. Its more that its now as easy as a 30 dollar attachment and you can have affective suppression for a very small amount of money. How many people work to make a tennis ball suppressor or pop bottle that does not work well? We all know the so called solvent catch is a ruse. But on the same token how on earth do you ban threaded aluminum? It shows how stupid it is to make suppressors so difficult and expensive.
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    The oil filter would not be the registered suppressor. It is the "solvent trap" that gets registered. Replace filter as often as you like.

    Are the suppressor laws stupid? That would be yes. But it is still the law.
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    It took 3 posts before getting an informed, intelligent answer!!!

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    The real issue that should be in folks minds when considering purchasing one of these devices is this:

    Regardless of the legality of changing the filter as it wears out, if you buy one of these devices, do not register it, and fire a single round through the filter, you have committed a Federal felony. Sure it may be easy and tempting, so is converting semi-autos to full, building out a Sten kit to work, or playing with Ammonite. You just need to ask yourself, "is it worth it?"

    If you are the one unlucky bastage that someone rats out, and the law enforcement finds one of your discarded oil cans with a hole and gun powder residue, you will ruin your life.

    The prisons are full of people who tried to game the system, don't be one of them.