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In this world where so many of us fight each other, and even on this forum where the topic often concerns defending oneself from another, it would be easy to lose sight that we can, and we have, worked not to beat each other to death, but to be with each other.

Below, a six minute video of almost 200 people, who speak different languages, who never met (probably), who have gathered, in a manner of speaking, to sing a little song. If you’re not already familiar with Eric Whitacre’s work, I’m confident this first video of his will not be a waste of your time. (The audio starts after a few beginning credits)


He has made two more since. They get progressively bigger and more impressive, but this is the one that first touched my heart.

For those who care, here is his TED talk on how & why he did it. It's about 15 minutes:
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