Oh, *that* Ferrari, Officer

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    Australian man takes Ferrari for six-hour joy ride


    Published: 5:13PM BST 14 May 2010

    An Australian man took a millionaire's Ferrari for a six-hour joy ride after being handed the keys by a casino valet, a court has heard.

    Adam Ramsay, 32, left Crown Casino in Melbourne, reportedly convincing the valet he had lost his parking ticket, before being given the keys to the luxury red £275,000 ($A451,000) F430 spider, Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard.

    Police eventually tracked down the thief at a petrol station north of Melbourne city centre, after he had just filled the convertible with fuel.

    A Victoria police spokesman said the only damage to the car was around the petrol cap.

    The car was towed to a police holding yard to be examined by forensic officers. Ramsay has been charged with one count of motor vehicle theft.

    Earlier, a spokesman for the casino earlier said when people lose their tickets, they are asked for identification and a valid driver's livence. He did not comment on whether the alleged offender presented a ticket or identification to the parking attendant.

    Van Marcus, a professional poker player who owned the car, said: "They spend millions of dollars watching players' chips and cards in play, but as soon as it comes to the public's property there is a lack of security."

    Australian man takes Ferrari for six-hour joy ride - Telegraph

    Bet that valet got sacked so fast his feet never touched the ground, lol
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    I'll be surprised if that valet is even lucky to get a job digging ditches in the future.

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    That took some big balls right there. Gotta give him credit for talkin a dumb *** out of the keys. Bet it dont happen again anytime soon.
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    Ferraris make people do some weird things!