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Offset iron sights?

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Anybody know of a good offset iron sights that dont cost $200+.. i ordered a set of magpul thinking i was going to mount them on a offset rail but i started thinking that having just a one piece setup would be less bulky maybe.. any ideas or is my original idea pretty good?
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you original idea is good enough. the magpuls will lay flat unless you need em. one piece are generally nonfolding and stick out quite a bit. mbus sights are a bit tougher than one would expect. after all if your being forced to use offsets your in a world of hurt and desperate. long range precision just isnt in the cards with such sights. you only need 18x18 hits at close range. magpuls are lightweight as well. huge plus with something your sticking on a gun just in case the worst happens

ive accidently dropped my mp15-22 right on the magpuls onto concrete with no discernable damage. im sometimes very clumsy and delicate bits of gear dont last long around me

my preference is for qd mounts and buis just toss the optic off the top if it breaks
well i seen some offset flip up iron sights but at the price of $70 and a brand ive never heard of seem like they might be cheap compared to the $200 ones.. the idea of the offset that i was thinking was when i mount a scope i can just turn the gun to the 1oclock position for close range and not have to take scope off
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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