Officials Seize AK-47s At SoCal Pawn Shop

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    Officials Seize AK-47s At SoCal Pawn Shop
    Merchant Cites 'Gray Area' To Legality Of Weapons

    POSTED: 11:06 am PST March 8, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:06 am PST March 8, 2008

    GLEN AVON, Calif. -- Local and federal law enforcement officers seized 10 AK-47-type assault rifles at a Glen Avon pawn shop and said the weapons were illegally imported into California, authorities said Saturday.

    No arrests were made Friday at Bright Spot Pawn in Glen Avon, but authorities said they would seek charges against the owner of the weapons.

    A man who identified himself this morning as the owner of Bright Spot Pawn said the weapons seizure was based on misguided legal assumptions.

    Deputies had received information that illegal AK-47s were being sold at the shop, sheriff's Sgt. Steve Brown said in a release. Deputies and officers with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms executed a search warrant Friday morning at the pawnshop, in the 9000 block of Mission Boulevard in Glen Avon.

    AK-47 knockoffs are popular in the assault rifle market, in part for claims that gas-operated original models are capable of firing up to 600 rounds a minute on full automatic. But such weapons are not legal for most Americans, say gun control proponents who feel there is no reason for hobbyists to own such potentially-destructive guns.

    AK-47 enthusiasts say the weapon and its knockoffs make excellent hunting rifles.

    The case will be forwarded to the Riverside County District Attorney, seeking charges against the owner of the weapons for 10 counts of possession of an assault weapons, and 10 counts of importing or offering assault weapons for sale, sheriff's officials said.

    The ATF is continuing an investigation of the assault weapons, authorities said.

    In spite of the weapons seizure, Bright Spot Pawn owner Jeff Russo said he thinks the weapons will be returned.

    "There's a very gray area in the law as to whether they are legal," Russo said of the weapons. "I think there were assumptions being made and they were being overzealous. In this country, it's supposed to be we're innocent until proven guilty."

    Russo said Bright Spot Pawn has operated at the same location in Glen Avon for nearly 20 years.
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    Well after reading that I know now why my wife and I left So.California and moved out of state. Back in the early 80's I was a Firearms Instructor at an indoor shooting range. It was one of the first ones to open in the LA area. Good people, Good times. Back then you could have any type of semi-auto rifle you wanted. Handguns had a 15 day waiting period to buy. Pretty much the only crime that was going on then was the Gang Bangers shooting each other. As the state became more Liberal and the Illegals and the Drugs started coming in from the border, crime went up all over the place. So enter the Anti-Gunners to solve the problem. Lets make more laws and more laws to stop all the crimes, after all, it's the law abiding people doing all of the crime (NOT). Long story short, nothing in California is allowed anymore and crime is through the roof. I like the way the wording is in the article, to make it sound like a semi-auto rifle turns itself into a full auto all by it self. Sorry for the long post, but illogical thinking drives me crazy.