off hand group size?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Vincine, May 30, 2012.

  1. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    What’s a respectable small bore standing off hand 10 shot group at 50 & 100 yards? Most of what I find are dime sized 50 yard BR 5 shot scoped groups.
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  2. Rick1967

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    A standing off hand 5 shot group the size of a dime at 100 yards would impress the crap out of me. Would consider that a nice group while sitting at a bench with a good scope.

  3. TLuker

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    Ray's group looks pretty good for 50 yards off hand!

    You can shoot more like competition shooters (shooting jackets and so on) and get pretty groups standing, but the things they do really aren't practical for anything but competition.
  4. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    Okay, but there are no measurements on the target. I can't tell how big (small?) it is. How big is the circle?
  5. Intheshop

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    We do most of our offhand shooting @75 yds.It represents the bulk of our offhand shots in the hunting fields.Any further while hunting and theres usually time for some sort of rest.

    The 3 rifles I practice the most offhand work with order of usage.

    1-Savage 110 in 22-250(worked over pretty good).Straight 6X scope,shooting reloads.

    2-Another 110,SS 30-06(action bedding...fiberglassed,internal forearm reinforced...otherwise,stock).Straight 3X scope,mainly cast bullets(ALOT),switching to 150's for deer.

    3-541 Remmy,skinny brrl with a sweet older Burris 4X.

    The first two can keep pretty much all shots in the bttm of a beer can @75.The .22 can't/dosen't because I'm too cheap to buy quality ammo,so it regularly sends flyers.These are all set up for hunting......triggers are around 3#.....just solid hunting rigs.Once in awhile (regular enough) when really buckling down with lots of practice.....the 22-250 will see offhand,3 shot cloverleafs a little over an inch.

    I like skinny brrls and real fast handling bolt rifles with lower pwrd scopes.....which is sort of opposite of the equip required for true offhand precision.
  6. RaySendero

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    Thx - That was a postal match entry.
    Standing - No slings, jackets or support of any kind.

    PS: outer circle is 2" in diameter.