Off duty cop kills drug dealer, cop in trouble

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    This happened a few days ago. I think its a joke that the DA actually thought about pressing murder charges against this guy. He took out a drug dealer and punk..a guy to me that got what he had coming to him.

    Philadelphia Daily News

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    FRIENDS and relatives of Joseph McNair, or "Joey," as they call him, acknowledge he was "no prayer book."
    Yes, he was a big-time convicted Philadelphia drug dealer, they say.

    Yes, he had a long rap sheet.

    But they contend he wasn't a bully, never carried guns and didn't deserve to die at the hands of a neighbor.

    In a bucolic section of Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Darryl Simmons, a veteran off-duty SEPTA police sergeant, pumped several bullets into McNair Wednesday night during a heated confrontation.

    Simmons told police that McNair had terrorized the neighborhood and threatened to kill his family. He also said that he thought McNair was reaching for a gun after the two almost got into a car accident near their homes.

    "People are using his past to justify killing him," said Dawn Johnson, 35, a close friend. "That's just wrong. The shooting was outright murder."

    "He was no prayer book, but he was not a violent man," said his cousin, Irvin McNair, 34.

    The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is investigating the case. Simmons has not been charged with any crime and District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said she has ruled out murder, explaining that it was not premeditated or committed in malice.

    "It is clear that McNair was the neighborhood bully," Ferman said.

    McNair's friends and relatives don't buy it.

    "They wanted him dead," said Jennifer Lieze, 32, who has been friends with McNair for about two years.

    "They were harassing him," said Lieze, who lives in Horsham. "They wanted him out of the neighborhood. They were trying to get rid of him. He used to tell us that all the time."

    Simmons told police that McNair threatened to kill him, his wife and children, and that he was so concerned, he researched McNair's criminal past.

    Simmons gave his neighbors a run-down of McNair's prison time, Lieze said, and McNair believed it was used to harass him.

    In November 1995, McNair was sentenced to 108 months in federal prison and five years of supervised release in connection with a cocaine conspiracy case. In December 2004, his supervised release was revoked and he was sent to federal prison for nine months, according to court records. At the time of his death, McNair was under federal investigation for drug trafficking, law-enforcement sources said.

    His rap sheet also includes arrests for rape, kidnapping, weapons offenses and even murder but most charges were dropped or dismissed. He was acquitted in the murder case in 2002.

    McNair grew up in North Philadelphia near 16th and Berks streets, where relatives plan to hold a vigil tonight.

    "He had a history of dealing drugs . . . He could make thousands of dollars a day, rather than work 40 hours a week," said his cousin, Maryann McNair, 43.

    "It doesn't make it right, but he changed," she said. "He turned his life around. He was a good family man, a good father.

    "He wasn't a bully. He wasn't aggressive. It's sad that his death is based on his past."

    McNair, a father of four, bought the house on Eaglet Lane in 2006 for $515,000, according to public records. He lived there with his girlfriend, Jia Smith, and three Rottweilers. McNair's relatives say Smith, an accountant, was able to put up a lot of money for the luxury home. They said he was an "entrepreneur" building a new life, who also sometimes drove hearses for a Philadelphia funeral home.

    Neighbors said they were afraid of his dogs and told McNair as much. Neighbor Kevin Rodzinak said he was outside with his 9-year-old son one day in December when McNair let the Rottweilers loose in his direction. Rodzinak shot and killed one of the dogs.

    Rodzinak was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct, but the charges were dismissed.

    On Wednesday night, Simmons was headed to pick up his daughter from soccer practice before going to work, said Simmons' attorney, Charles Mandracchia.

    McNair, driving a Pontiac Vibe, nearly struck Simmons in his BMW. McNair drove by, then got out and began threatening Simmons, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

    "You're not built for this," Simmons said that McNair told him. "I'll blow you away."

    McNair returned to his car, leaned through the front door and Simmons told police he thought McNair was reaching for a gun. Simmons pulled out his .357 Smith & Wesson revolver and fired repeatedly. McNair had several wounds in his trunk and one to the face. No weapon was found in McNair's car.

    "If you're a police officer, you should know how to handle a situation and walk away," said his daughter, Jaina Robinson, 19. "Just because you're a cop doesn't mean you can shoot and kill a man. He shot him repeatedly. If it was my dad, he'd be in jail.

    "I believe that guy shouldn't be able to sleep at night. My dad's not sleeping. He's in the morgue," she said.

    Relatives question why Simmons didn't get a restraining order against McNair if he felt so threatened.

    Mandracchia said Simmons did contact police, but no charges were filed. It was Simmons' word against McNair's, he said.'

    "I want justice," said his eldest daughter, Diera Regan, 20, who lived with her dad until June.

    "I know my father. My father just didn't go bother people," she said.

    "My dad had no weapon. I don't understand why he killed my father. I just don't understand." *
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    To me this is the same old Obama media type BS. The liberal trash only takes one side of the story. They try to make the criminal look innocent and the hero look like the bad guy. I like how all the interviews were with the family of the guy killed. They all want "justice" for his "murder". How many neighbors did they interview about how this guy terrorized thier neighborhood..not many. How many family members did they interview about how this guy threatened to kill them...none. But they interviewed everyone else under the sun to make the readers feel sorry for this worthless scum bag. To the McNair family..justice was servered..your scum bag son, husband and father who terrorized a group of people and corrupted our city is now dead. This was the best thing that could happen to Philadelphia. Thank you officer Simmons for relieving this city of yet another POS.

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    LOL a Drug dealer with a girlfriend that puts up the money for a 500 thousand $ + home just as he happens to turn into an "entrepreneur" right out of a Federal Prison .

    O brother everyone raise your hand if you're stupid enough to swallow that line of BS .

    A life time POS drug dealer with many arrests even for violent crimes that the charges just happen to get dropped on .

    If that doesn't smell of things like witness intimidation/elimination I don't know what does .

    All Simmons did was take out the trash they should give him a bonus that's the equivalent of a trash mans salary for 1 year and shake his hand .
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    One less POS walking the streets
  5. Slickrick214

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    Unfortunately there are people stupid enough to believe the drive by media's BS. Just look there are people that actually believe Obama Bin Laden’s hope and change BS. Of course there will be people who will actually believe what the newspapers write and they'll for sorry for this guy.
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    The comments from McNair supporters are disgusting. Simmons had better watch his back.
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    >>>>>>"He had a history of dealing drugs . . . He could make thousands of dollars a day, rather than work 40 hours a week," said his cousin, Maryann McNair, 43.<<<<<<

    WHAT? All these years I have been working 9-5 and putting up with, I had no idea. Guess the jokes on me :rolleyes:

    seriously though--no history of violence---um, rape, murder etc? Not to mention he was dealing drugs at a high enough level to get federal convictions. I find it hard to believe that a big time drug dealer has warm and fuzzy relationships with his clients. "hey Bob, your order is here. Come on over for the barbeque and bring the kids :) "

    As for the relative who is upset that the cop shot him multiple times....well, if I was at the point where I decided my life was in danger and I needed to pull the trigger--I would keep pulling. You dont fire a single "wound them" shot and then go and check.

    But of course, I am preaching to the choir here. Its just SO annoying to read this BS.

    We should send him a letter of thanks for making the world a safer place.

    Lord knows he is going to be in for a rough ride.....:(
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    Appropriate charge might be littering.
  9. Slickrick214

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    He should but instead he was thrown behind a desk and threatened by the city to try him in court.

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    I'm so freakin tired of hearing those damn bleeding heart liberals complaining about POS drug dealers and criminals getting what they had coming to them. You reap what you sew!

    Or course, his family is gonna say he's a good guy, cause it's the cops' fault for picking on him. What a bunch of cry babies! "Quick, someone give me a phone so I can call 9-WHINE-WHINE, and have them send a WAAAA-mbulance!" My aunt says the same thing about her punk son, says the cops and the school system is just pickin on him. Well, if he wasn't growin' the whacky-tobaccy under his bed then they wouldn't have a reason to even know him.
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    I agree 100%. According to them though and the imaginary world they live in, if we throw them in jail they'll magically be transformed into good perfect citizens. Thats why we shouldn't give them the death penalty even though they mass murdered people, corrupted our cities and raped a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds.
  12. Mark F

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    That POS is dead, and good riddens. No doubt someone will try to paint that turd as a wholesome family man. That's what they do...
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    Pay attention people, because there is a very important message here. For some reason, whenever a criminal is either about to, or actually does "get their life together", a cop shoots him or her.
    Whatever you do, do NOT even ATTEMPT to get your life together, because it is apparently fatal. Don't "get ready" to go back to beauty school, don't get to the point where you are "just about to get a job", and for God's sake, don't even consider "getting your life together".
    Police in Norfolk recently responded to a call made by the family of a girl who was shooting a handgun in their apartment and generally freaking out. They were scared for their lives. When the cops showed up, she ran out and aimed at them, and immediately assumed ambient temperature.
    Guess who is still raising Hell? Come to find out, not only was she "about to enroll in community college" but was also figuring on going from there to the University of Virginia. It's a wonder that her family (The ones who called the police in the first place.) hasn't sued for the income they reckon she would have earned after her education and subsequent rise to the top.
    In summary, if you're all tangled up with drugs and gangs, stay there. Don't aspire to anything more, or your *** will be ventilated post-haste.


    so righteous

    yeah as long as the law is in your favor then its great .. the fact of the matter is every case he had he beat it . you dont have to like it but this is the justice system that we all live by . sure live by the gun die by the gun some say he got what he deserved from the lord above and i can deal with that . but his conviction for having two keys of coke when he was sixteen thats just the life we grew up seeing when you live in abandon houses and the like then how you make it out is how you make it out . i didnt come here to bash hardworking people but i know most of you may have killed yourselves first before living how we did. he was a business man after he let the streets go several clothing stores and ironically he owned a small percentage of a funeral home so he needs noone sympathy he got his life in check. but the list is long of police killing so called trash . if your scared then retire from your damn jobs. let someone else doit . police in newyork killed a african imigrant after he was showing his wallet he got shot 100 times ,three men coming from a go go club shot 80 times unarmed kid in port richmond shot 3 time in the chest cause a cop felt like it and my brother shot cause he told a cop f u you jealous of me and its all on tape . so tell officer simmons . live by the sword die by the sword so he will have his day one way or the other just like joey .so until we get justice out here in philadelphia for every cop thats killed your just power hungry pieces of trash trying to make a living off the backs of the weak you took an oath to serve and protect but you just wanna protect your pensions and serve each other cock soup . pecker woods.
  15. TXnorton

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    That was a really intelligent post Yusef. You have me convinced with your superb intellect and incredibly brilliant use of the English language and your impeccable punctuation. I am in awe of your luminous intellect. Consider me converted to your superior way of thinking!

    Yours truly,

    Pecker Wood
  16. AcidFlashGordon

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    And people around him say he wasn't a violent man? Where do these nitwit nimrods come from...out from under a rock? Just the few charges listed on his rap sheet show just how violent this perp was.

    As others have stated, most of us know that if you're in that kind of situation, you continue to pull the trigger until the perp goes down, and stays down.

    Shoot to wound, my hairy white ***......shoot to kill to remain alive
  17. robocop10mm

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    Yusef? Really? Another peace loving Muslim, no doubt. Too bad your brother did not ascribe to the "peaceful" teachings of Mohammad.

    No one wants to admit that their family member was a piece of sh!t. You reach back into your car while engaged in an argument and you WILL get shot, repeatedly. When a bully gets confronted by a sheep dog that does not back down the bully loses. Sgt. Simmons is a hero! Your dead brother was a wolf preying on others. Now he is a dead wolf. So be it. That is the life he chose and such, it is the death he chose.

    When the people of this Country stand up to vermin like you and your brother, there will be blood. Your blood. It is about damn time the wolves got culled.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!:cool:
  18. spittinfire

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    I couldn't have said it any better. +1!!!
  19. hdwrench

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    he was reaching for a gun and got shot in the butt 3 times and once in the face ?that doesn't sound reasonable .didn't see a gun but shot in the face once and butt 3 times .how does that happen ?
  20. robocop10mm

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    How does that happen? Come on! You reach into your open car window, I believe you are reaching for a gun, I have every reason to shoot you BEFORE you can bring out the gun and shoot me! I do not have to see a gun or let you get off the first shot before I shoot. After I shoot three times (I believe the story said "in the trunk" not in the butt), you turn and catch one in the face. Nothing unreasonable about that. He may well have turned and fell into the path of the fourth bullet. Once the decision to pull the trigger is made and the message is sent to the necessary muscles that message cannot be withdrawn. It has been shown repeatedly that people move duing that time lag thus explaining all sorts of "weird" bullet wounds.

    Have you ever seen an actual person shot? And I mean aside from the Hollywood, television pretend shootings? Have you ever had to shoot a real person? Do you have any clue what goes down in a shooting? All this is conjecture of course based on what was in a "news" story. The "news" rarely gets close to telling the real story.