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    Trijicon Armson O.E.G

    is there a reputable company where i can get a replacement tritium reticle for my OEG?

    because trijicon is:

    Q: Can you replace the Tritium element in my older Armson sight if it becomes dim?

    A: We are currently unable to do Tritium replacement but hope to have that service available soon.

    and thats been posted, that i know of, for... 8 months to a year.

    all info appreciated. thanks!
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    Onus, have you CALLED Trij? I would do so. Someone at Trij will be able to help you. I seem to remember that they had complete service avail for the OEGs for many years.

    The OEG was an awesome piece of kit in the day. They gave me a headache after several hours of constant use, but were the absolute shizzle when used in short stretches.

  3. onus

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    called up trijicon. nope we dont do that anymore. havent for four years. but if you'd like to downgrade to a pos we'll gladly do that. and you can buy this lil flashlight deal. or tape glowsticks onto your site so it works at night.
    GENIOUS! what is the point of haveing an oeg if you have to tape a glowstick to it so everyone can see you?! com on! all i want is some tritium. i know its not impossible to get cuz its in acogs so... what gives? got a perfect system (no batteries required) then you go and get rid of it? seems a bit fishy to me.
    also Trijicon O.E.G. they say on their website they will happily fix or sell you one. not. sent email after email no responce. call 'em up. oh srry we dont even carry those things havent for years.
    then why pray tell is it on your website?!

    this is just really irritating cuz this site sounds kickass and i just want one. so why are they nonexistant?

    forgive my release of anxiety and thank you for your help. if theres more info out there i'll gladly listen. but i fear i am only chasing my tail.