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    Everyone has them. Odd stories/tall tales/creepy stories. I'd like to hear them.

    Here is my latest from this last weekend:

    I have some land in Tennessee and I go up there every couple of months and spend a weekend doing whatever needs done. Most of it is wooded land but there is about 20 acres of pasture with a couple of ponds. One of the ponds is right in the middle of a small valley and it feeds from a creek that runs through the nearby woods.

    Well, the last time I was up there, I came over the top of the hill to head towards the "big pond" just to make sure that there wasn't trash laying around. (High school kids take some of the trails through the woods and go out there and party every once in a while. While I don't appreciate it, they are mostly harmless. The cops catch them a couple times a year and send them home.)

    Anyway, as I top the hill, the first thing I see is some sort of station wagon at the bottom of the hill right at the tree line. (How the Subaru Forrester made it that far down there I will never know.) It's just my brother and I in the truck and we sit and watch for a bit and see no movement from where we are at. We decide to go down and check it out. Bout the time we get about 20 yards away from it, we see to figures inside the vehicle. It is obvious they are scrambling. I pull up to within about 20' from the vehicle and it becomes obvious that it is a boy and girl, butt naked, scrambling to put clothes on. The girl scrambles in to the passenger seat and the boy gets out of the car.

    At this point my brother and I are exiting the truck as well. The boy is visibly scared to death and started asking if this was our land. He looked to be around 18-20. I informed him that it was our land and asked him if someone had given him permission to be out there. He looked away and shook his head no. He then explained that he found the area while out riding his 4-wheeler through the trails one day. I began thinking to myself "Man, what a familiar situation. Doesn't seem that long ago that I was doing that kind of stuff."

    I basically told him that he had just a few minutes to get off of my property. I also explained to him that it just wasn't safe to be out there as I have, on several occasions, found squatters out camping in those woods and that you never know what there intentions may be. Now back to the Subaru part. My brother and I where standing in the same spot just talking and laughing at the situation and the kid gets the car stuck about halfway up the hill. We ended up pulling him out to the main drive and sent him on his way.
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    My partner and I were on patrol a bout 0200 one night in a wooded area of a park.

    At briefing, we'd been told to be on lookout for two armed robberby suspects, a male and female in a 4X4 pickup truck, blue over white.

    Loi ands behols, we see a blue over white p.u. about 100 yards ahead through the binocs. No one visible n the cab.

    We creep in slowly, lights off, and at about 40 yards, get the patrol car hopelessly stuck in a mud puddle. Moving forward on foot, two heads emerge from the bed of the truck, a male and female. We move forward, weapons drawn, flashlights on, and there are two buck naked 16 year olds in the bed of the truck.:eek:

    The young woman, standing in the bed of the truck, still naked, offers to help pull the patrol car out of the mud of we promise not to tell her parents!:D:D:D

    We were laughing too hard to be upset about anything, so we went back to the patrol car while they got dressed, and they pulled us out.:)

    Didn't find out until a couple of weeks later that the girl was out Captain's daughter!:eek::eek::eek:

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    Hahaha. Wonder if your Captain ever found out about that?
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    I have 3 good stories of this kind. We lived on a road about 3 miles long with only 2 houses on it the rest was woods. One night one of my brothers buddies was knocking on our door about midnight. They were still in high school at the time. He was parked back an oil well road with his girl friend and while they were busy the car sunk in the mud. This kid is 45 now and Mom still reminds him every time she sees him.

    About a week before Christmas someone knocked on the door at 2 am "they were stuck in a ditch could we pull them out, they would pay us" There was Christmas tree farm about 5 miles away through the back roads from our place. About 1/2 mile south of our place was a very sharp turn in the dirt road, more than 90 degrees with about 4 or 5 foot deep ditch around it. Dad and I grab chains and jump on the tractor when we get to the turn with the ditch there is a late 70s monte carlo nose down in that ditch, they never even saw the turn just went straight into the ditch. In the trunk and back seat were 2 Christmas trees. Dad pulled them out of the ditch and charged them about 5 times what the trees were worth.

    One night very late a sherriffs deputy is knocking on the door, he is stuck can we help? Again dad and I hop on the tractor and head down the road. There was an oil well road that started out fairly smooth and the farther you went the deeper the ruts got. This guy was chasing a 4wd truck and about a quarter of a mile up the road the ruts were so deep that his tires didn't touch the ground any more. He was going fast enough that he slid 40 or 50feet on his rear axle before he stopped after his tires no longer touched the ground. He said he was too embarrassed to call for a tow truck.

    Those guys never forget though, every year Mom and Dad tell the sherriff dept they will be in AZ. for the next 5 months. If there is snow on the ground and tire tracks in Moms driveway I get a call from the sherriff, so far the tracks have always been mine keeping an eye on the place but sometime they might not be.
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