Oculus scope at bass pro

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  1. joshman88

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    Hey everyone I just got the bass pro Black Friday add and they have an oculus scope 4-16x44 for 180 I've never heard of them and was wondering if anyone knew much about them. Also they have a Leopold rifleman 3-9x40 for about the same price I know the higher end Leopolds are great how is the quality on the lower end ones.
    I will be putting it on a .308 savage axis hoping to make a nice little budget range gun out of it any help and experience with these scopes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. John_Deer

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    A friend has a Leopold on his BAR. They are $180ish all the time at Dicks. He loves the scope. I have shot the rifle. The scope is very clear and it does not drift. I plan to get a Leopold when someone has a clearance sale.
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  3. Triumphman

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    I talked to some Bass Pro Counter Guys about the Oculous Scopes they now carry. It's a Bass Pro exculsive, like Cabela's(can't remember name) has in their Scope lineup.
    Got to looking real close, they looked very much a Bushnell Elite rename, and some of the Counter Guys were saying same thing when comparing Scopes side/side.
    BPS wanted something associated with them in high quality that didn't carry the Brand Name.

  4. TruggieTex

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    I have a Bushnell Elite on my 788 and have been happy....
    I believe I would be more happy with a Swarovski or a Night Force, but.........$$$$$$$$$;)