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    Got to conversatin' with a gent at the range the other day. Sighting in for whitetail season he started tellin' me about his .35 Remington. Says he can't find ammo for it. He was zeroing his M77 30.06 when I asked if I could have his empty brass. Informed him that I handload, told him that it not only is economical but also very theraputic. Didn't take long for other shooters at the range to become interested in the subject. It amazes me how many hunters don't reload. Since I use LEE equipment, naturally I suggested the entry level Lee anniversary kit from their online store. This gentleman and his son seemed intriqued and even quiped to splitting the cost of the setup until I gave them a ballpark figure for the whole kit. Less than 125.00 bucks. They seemed shocked at the low cost.
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    A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of it and think it requires TONS of equipment. While the nice gear is great and can make things a little easier it's not needed to get started.

    I've found a lot of hunters simply don't shoot enough to make reloading worthwhile. I hate to say it but most guys only shoot enough to make sure their rifle is zeroed and that's it. Then after they miss a deer they go back to the range to figure out that it was them and not their equipment.

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    Agree that reloading doesn't require a huge investment---and if you shoot
    even a moderate amount it pays for itself quickly. With some obsolete
    calibers, it's the only way to keep shooting. In my case, I buy factory
    for rifle--but reload for several pistol calibers. Between the wife and I
    we go through around 20,000 rds a year shooting USPSA. I couldn't afford
    to play if I had to buy factory ammo!

    I am a little curious about "not being able to find 35 Remington ammo".

    Remington, Winchester, Hornady, Federal, Buffalo Bore and probably
    others currently load it---and it's not priced out of reach.
  4. Trez

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    Obsolete cartridges??? What are those??? :p
    .30-40 US and 7.7x58 Jap are what I reload the most!!
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    i personally enjoy reloading, and even though it does allow me to shoot more, i would reload even if it wasn't cheaper. also it allows me to make accurate ammo specific to the firearm.

    Midway carry's the 35 Remington ammo. might be none of the stores he shops at in his area carry that particular ammo. mailorder might be his best bet.
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    35 rem is my deer caliber.

    Just because Walmart doesn't stock it, doesn't make it obsolete.
    I've not been in a gun store that doesn't stock it.
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    I can't remember the last time I bought a box of factory centerfire ammo...maybe 3 years ago just to empty the brass and get started.
  8. Axxe55

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    i agree, Walmart will only stock what is mainstream in use and what they tend to sell the most. if the item is a slow mover, then possibly the next time you go to Walmart to buy it, it may not be available. also some items sell better in some areas better than others, so one Walmart may stock that item, when another one doesn't.

    i don'r even know if my LGS carries it, as i don't own anything in 35 Remington, i have never had cause to look or ask about it. might ask the next time i'm there out of curiousity.:rolleyes:
  9. Axxe55

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    since i started reloading, i don't buy near as much factory ammo as i use to. i do still buy from time to time, but mainly for the brass, as that is the most expensive part of the reloading process. i also shoot a lot more since i started reloading and i enjoy shooting as much as i do reloading. my only regret is, i wished i had started a long time ago!:eek:
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    I have a Winchester 71. Caliber is .348 Winchester. ONE box of ammo for that howitzer is equal to the cost of a set of dies! Jesus wept! Reloading those leaves with with enough money to overtip the waitress at Denny's at breakfast time. :p
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    7.35 and when u do find them , their damn proud of them like 18 rds for $25-$30 + shipping