Obomma's words "we must change" are chilling

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    and it starts.this school shooting gives him the tragitey he's been looking for.to limit or eliminate the 2nd addmenent alltogather . just lookat his words "we must change" and "We can’t tolerate this anymore"
    and finly the most worrisum of all I'll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens ..... i give it tial the end of the week befor some sort of assult gun ban and high capacity mag ban. in intruduced wouldent suprise me if one hit by monday afternoon. also wouldent been supprised if this time high capacity mags are outlawed all togather and you will have 90 days to turn yours in to law enforcment or else ........ im shour monday will be anouther record sales day for gun again
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    I don't think the anti-gun forces have the votes to get anything through Congress. If anything gets done, I think it will be through Executive Order. I did a little research on Executive Orders, and it seems that a precedent was set in 1952 when the Supreme Court overruled one of Harry Truman's orders. The court said the Executive Order was invalid because it attempted to make law, rather than clarify or act to further a law put forth by Congress or the Constitution.

    Since then, Presidents have been careful to cite which specific laws they are acting under when issuing new executive orders. I'm no legal scholar, but I think Obama would be on thin ice legally if he goes the Executive Order route. Of course, that might not stop him from trying. I suppose it could take years before the issue was decided in the courts. Meanwhile, we'd be *****ed.

    Anyway, there's an article about Executive Orders at Wikipedia:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_order .
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    "We Must Change", Whats he got a turd in his pocket, what is this "WE" thing he's talking about? Change is what you do if your doing something wrong and because he's referring to Guns and violence against innocent people and 99.9% of us Gun Owners understand and respect the legal purposes for owning one, why is he talking to the Nation? Why doesnt he just pump his diatribe into every Prison in America in 8 languages and tell the ones that are doing it WTF instead of wasting his breath on those of us that know far better than he WTF A gun in America should be used for?

    Me don't need to change so "I" must not be a part of "WE". Im F'n confused, what change does Me have to make if Im not part of "We"?????? Hurts me head to think about it. Scares me half to death that Mindless BHO'BOTS still buy into fire and brimstone rationalization hurled by idiots with a bigger police force protecting them than the City Of Utica has for its 40,000 citizens (the ones that he wishes to leave defenseless)!

    Wheeeee is more like it, like the little GEIKO Piggy, Wheee, Wheee, Wheee, just another chapter in BHO's Great Adventure in World Domination. Lets see, send 2 boatloads of guns to Libyan freedom Fighters and take the same amount away from free Americans, that sounds perfect....
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    Yes, we must change. The media must stop giving psycho's 15 minutes of fame. Well, in the last shooting three days of fame. We will likely have a copycat shooter this week. Instead of putting armed guards in places that are likely to be targeted by a psycho people will babble about getting rid of weapons.

    One good thing about all this is our local police aren't drunk on the kool aid. They are increasing police presence in and around schools and other soft targets. Officials are meeting to find ways to prevent such a horror from happening right here in NC.
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    Bend over and prepare for a presidential edict
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    I wouldn't be too certain of anything these days. Socialized medicine was never supposed to happen. We've not only got it, the alleged "conservative" Supreme Court is OK with it. In light of this latest tragedy, how do you suppose SCOTUS would vote on a 2nd Amendment issue now?