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    I have been talking with this company about their black label rifles. Click rifles then black label. You will see a picture with four different size. Click on pic and cycle through all four sizes. I was looking at largest rifle with adjustable stock. Specs for all four is under main pic. Anybody know anything about this German company? What size most appeals to you. My LGS is still waiting on a reply from colt and S&W about their exporting their ARs. HK and Sig cost as much as three US ARs, so I have decided not to buy from them. Pro Tuning from Germany is another option, but they cost about 1700 dollars. I want my own first personal AR, but it is crazy over here! Tired of always shooting government owned ARs.

    Oberlandarms.de or .com.
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    Actually I'd love to shoot gov't owned ARs but not likely an old fart like me will do that again! Are you US military and will be rotating back here in the future? And can wait till then? Or now living in Germany? Anyway, I don't have a good answer but hope you find an acceptable solution, J.

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    Honestly, the HK guns are quality weapons even if they are crazy expensive. There seems to be a preference for chrome lined barrels here in the US, but properly maintaining the weapon prevents rust. I like the Colt AR's best (personal thing, there are lots of AR's that are qualitatively better than mil-spec), but S&W doesn't produce crap. Is the Pro Tuning AR pretty close to mil-spec or better than mil-spec. They probably don't have the TDP that Colt and FNH USA have, but making quality AR's can't be rocket science with the number of US and foreign companies doing it. If an AR has the features you want, go for it. Quality is quality. Colt has the little pony next to the serial number and that's about as far as it being "better" than most other AR designs goes.