Obama's track record speaks for its self

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    I just had a rather interesting, long, drawn out, and, in the end, painful conversation with one of my proud left-leaning friends....who, by the way, is a staunch supporter of Obama.

    My friend happens to be a big gun enthusiast as well, which is probably why we're still friends :D but our conversation was on the topic of Obama's second term and whether or not he'll be going after gun rights in it. My friend says no, and provides one single flimsy piece of evidence that supports his case.


    Interesting.... :confused:

    1996 - Expresses support for a complete ban on the manufacturing, sale, and possession of ALL handguns.

    1998 - Expresses support for a bill that completely bans all semi-automatic weapons (handgun or long gun)

    1999 - Seeks a 500% tax increase on the sale of all guns & ammo.

    2000 - Sponsors a bill to limit all firearm purchases to 1 a month

    2001 - Publicly states "There is no reason anyone should want an assault weapon"

    2003 - Votes to ban a wide range of every day long guns

    2004 - Accuses the POTUS of a scandal for not renewing ban on assault weapons. Seeks prosecuting of people using firearms in self defense, and publicly opposes any form of concealed carry.

    2005 - Votes to ban common rounds of ammunition AND votes against a bill that says firearm manufacturers cannot be held liable for deaths at the result of a firearm.

    2008 - Nominates Eric Holder for Attorney General :mad: Nominates gun hater hillary rodham clinton as secretary of state and publicly states (see video above) that the 2nd amendment is null and void and can be changed at any time.

    2009 - Nominates known gun-hater Sotomayor to Supreme Court. Publicly states that he "has not backed off at all" in efforts to renew gun bans.

    2010 - appoints gun-hater Traver to head the ATF. Nominates another gun-hater to the Supreme court (Kagan)

    2011 - Publicly states "working under the radar" on tougher gun control

    2012 - Sneaks anti-gun legislation into 2013 budget and cuts funds in half for counter-terrorism programs.

    Actions speak louder than words, Mr. President. If this man is re-elected, I fear i'm going to have to dig a mighty big hole to give my guns a place to hide for the next 4 years.

    We cannot set this election out. We *HAVE* to go vote for whoever is his top contender. Don't let anyone you know set on their ass on election day.
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