Obama's Gun Control "under the radar"

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    your name sums it all up ,, one term and lets show him the door ,, lets hope the nra and other like minded groups can fight the good fight longer.

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    Well, I pull up inforwars site and they have an article, short on gun control. They had a link to the dailymail in UK.

    Obama under fire for eyeing gun control 'under the radar' | Mail Online

    Some of the wording that stands out:

    The Obama administration is exploring tighter regulation on gun policy that can be secured through an executive order, bypassing congressional approval, officials have confirmed.

    The Department of Justice held a meeting on Tuesday - the first in what is expected to be a series - to explore how the administration might be able to rule by decree.

    Before the meeting, officials said topics of discussion would range from encouraging more thorough background checks and more efficient data-sharing.
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    I thought Bush was power hungry, this guy is grabbing everything he can...

    Ponder this: An American overseas (a scumbag named al-maliki or somesuch) was attacked with a drone launched missle (CIA I assume) in Yemen of all places. What kind of precedent is this? If Obama wants you dead he orders you killed? If he can use a missle can he send in SEAL team 6? If he can do it in Yemen can he do it here? If he can do it to Al-maliki can he do it to you?

    Yeah, gun control by decree that fits right in.

    Would this decree/executive order be given at night? Carried out by morning? Am I paranoid enough yet?
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