Obama, Calderon and US Guns in Mexico

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    Once again, our President has used skewed statistics to try and implicate that US guns in Mexico are the cause of the violence there. In a recent hour long broadcast of himself and President Calderon, Obama called for more enforcement of gun sales, implicating that American guns are being imported into Mexico by the Drug Cartels.

    First, where do you go to buy a fully automatic M16? Don't you need a Class III permit out purchase or sell these weapons? This guy is a classic POS!!

    If Mexico is getting fully automatic weapons from the US, they are coming from some police organization, or even the US military and I would expect; with the full knowledge of the White House!
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    Isn't that ironic! Does Obama and Calderon think the American public and sportsman are idiots. Less than 12% of the weapons found in Mexico had any possible chance of being from the USA. They both are Grade A Idiots! Not to mention the FN Plant in Mexico City manufacturing auto as well as semi auto weapons. Of course we know that Mexico is not a corrupt Country and none of the weapons manufactured there and in South America would ever get into the hands of the Drug Cartel!!!!:rolleyes:


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    Harumph.... <hugo.....venezuela...> Harumph....... :rolleyes:
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    I am going to the Orlando gun show in about two weeks, and I plan on being extra vigilant! Yes sir, I will be all over that show looking for Mexicans buying automatic weapons. Now when I find them, I want to report them to the top, that's right, the very top.

    Any of you guys got Obama's cell number?
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    Is there a common school for training of politicians?
    My government has the same problem inside our country but forgets that from one source in our armed forces some 82,000 weapons not lost but nobody knows where they are or police lost 7,000 plus firearms and nobody get charged for losing it????????????
    A large percentage of our murders and robberies are commited by military or police type arms or for that matter by them (forces personnel) participating in the shopping.:mad:
    To solve the arms in criminal hands the civilian firearms must be restricted according to our einsteins in government.:D
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    *cough cough* project gunrunner *cough cough*
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    No point in going over the long list of international weapon sources available to bad guys with warehouses full of cash because you guys are sensible enough to know what the libs and socialists choose to ignore.

    If they shift the blame for Mexican drug violence away from Mexico and on to the US, it helps reinforces their arguments for gun registration databases and outright gun-banning in the US; it makes amnesty for illegals more palatable (since they are only innocent refugees fleeing American gun violence in Mexico...not to mention potential future Democrats); which helps bros Obama and Calderon; it helps the ethnical dilution of America and coincides with the global socialist agenda, that of a one-world government, a world without borders and economic equality across the board, that is, everybody's as poor and miserable and powerless and dependent upon The State as everybody else.
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    Yes, because a drug cartel with a limitless budget is getting it's guns from local newspaper ads and gun shows. :rolleyes:

    Yes, Obama, you're a grade A for asshat.