obama administration medical dictionary

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    Acute: Opposite of an uglyArtery: The study of paintings
    Bacteria: Back door of a cafeteria
    Barium: What doctors do to dead patients
    Benign: What you are after you're eight.
    Bowel: Letter like A,E,I,O, or U
    Cat scan: Searching for a kitty
    Cauterize: Made eye contact with her
    Cesarean Section: Neighborhood in Rome
    Colic: A sheep dog
    Concussion: A prisoner's sofa
    Congenital: To be friendlyD & C: Where the White House is
    Dilate: To live too long
    Enema: Not a friend
    Fester: Quicker
    Fibula: A small lie
    GI series: A soldier ball game
    Hangnail: A coat hook
    Impotent: Distinguished, well known
    Jaundice: To include in a group
    Kinesthetics: Relationships among relatives
    Labor pain: Getting hurt at work
    Leper: A wild cat
    Malaria: Shopping place
    Medical staff: A doctor's cane
    Morbid: A higher bid
    Nitrates: Cheaper than day rates
    Node: Was aware of
    Outpatient: A person who fainted
    Pelvis: A cousin of Elvis
    Post-operative: A letter carrier
    Recovery room: A place used for upholstery work.
    Rectum: It almost killed him
    Rheumatic: Amorous
    Secretion: Hiding something
    Seizure: A Roman emperor
    Serology: Study of English Knighthood
    Tablet: A small table
    Terminal illness: Getting sick at the airport
    Tumor: More than one
    Urine: Opposite of you're outVaricose: Nearby
    Vein: Conceited
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    ** snot bubble **

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    Speaking of Obama, I picked up my new "collectible" today. Its an Obama commemorative silver dollar. Its pretty specially. I am going to watch it magically turn into a quarter by the end of the year! This thing is MAGIC!