NYS Public Health Legal Manual

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    This was on another site, linking to "The Blaze" website. It maybe boring; but, just plain scary! Does the government know something and we the people should not know? Just a thought!

    It seems like something out of a Hollywood movie such as “I am Legend” or “2012.”

    How should judges, lawyers, and public health officials respond to a chemical weapon attack? What happens if a mass terrorist attack forces a quarantine, large-scale evacuations, or the slaughter of private animals? Those are the questions that a new doomsday manual put out by the New York state court system and the state bar association hopes to answer.

    The manual’s title, “New York State Public Health Legal Manual,” may be boring but the subject matter is not. The book doesn’t mandate new law but encourages officials to think through the application of current rules and regulations when it comes to apocalyptic situations.

    NY Releases Doomsday Manual for Possible Apocalyptic Event | The Blaze

    Here is the pdf:

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    I think the IRS knows something we don't, they have a procedure for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.