NYS police admit.... NY unsafe act is for confiscation

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    Ha ha, arent you the funny one! They arent gonna get me to run and most of those of us left are well trenched and ready for the ride. We were quiet way too long in Upstate, they woke the thing you fear the most Orange, a pack of angry and Hungry Upstate Bears!

    NY City and Albany must have forgotten a couple important things, without upstate in their back pockets, they should worry bigtime about how much it will cost them to live in their metro bubbles. They create nothing but buttwipe and I dont need buttwipe (we have trees, we make our own) as much as they need food, NRG and Water! Guess who makes most of that for them?????

    Still guessing? Yup thats us gun totin Christians, we bring life to their otherwise limited capabilities to support themselves (Cant eat Buttwipe)!