NYS Pistol Permit

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by TM3TenraiSS, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong subject, i figured applying for a pistol permit would fit in with Legal. So I'm almost 22 I have all the proper paperwork for applying for a pistol permit, but I've heard horror stories about how long it takes for all the paperwork to go through in New York State, I was just wondering if anyone here knows any way to push the paperwork through faster? If this has been covered before i apologize i looked but i didnt see any similar threads.
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    Look up the laws for your county, since that's what things are based on. In Monroe County, they're obliged by law to respond in writing inside of 6 months. Having an attorney fire off a letter reminding of that after the 6 month period usually gets the judge and/or sheriff to move quickly.

    A casual call to the county clerk to verify they have everything they need from you and where your paperwork is is fine. Trying to push it might delay the process.