Nylon 66 problems

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    anyone here own a nylon 66....and if you do, have you ever had the problem of it trying to load two rounds at once
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    i have never owed one of these rifles but most tube magazine fed rifles or shotguns operate the same way. soon as one cartridge is removed from the magazine a device called a cartridge cut off engages and prevents a second cartridge from escaping the magazine tube. some are mechanical and some are spring loaded.as a firearm is shot alot the cartridge cut off wears down till it will no longer stop a second round from exiting the tube.start by watching the action operate with action functioning dummys NOT I REPEAT NOT LIVE ROUNDS" if the cartridge cut off is the culprit try numrich gun parts to see if they have a replacement part, hope this helps

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    Cartridge stop

    The first place i would look is the cartridge stop and the cartidge stop spring. The small flat spring is accessible by removing the trigger guard. the easiest way to get the spring out is to remove the whole cartridge stop by driving out the pin, but pay careful attention to the way it goes back b/c when you drive the pin out both pieces are liable to shoot out of the bottom of the gun. Good luck cause these guns can be very aggrivating. Ypu may also want to check out nylonrifles.com
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    These are extremely a problem gun to work on only the Marlin 60/70/80 is worst as far as making sure you look at what you are doing, especially for the novice. Just make sure you mark your steps and disassemably process so you can put it back together correctly. If you don't if will not function at all. Very particular rifles. They can be very accurate, but they are a PAIN in the a** if you don't know what you are doing.
    Be careful>>
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