Ny state mag capacity question

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Jeff9000cd, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Jeff9000cd

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    I just got my nys pistol permit and went to a gun shop up island to see if i could get the gun im looking for. Im looking for the sig p226 mk25(the navy seal one) . The guy said he cant order it because it has a 15 rd mag and ny only allows 10. But can they just order it and sell it to me with a 10 rd mag in it?
  2. drvsafe

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    Sig makes a factory 10 round magazine for the p226, so i would suggest that you tell them you'd foot the bill for the 10 round mags before they would order the p226, as they cannot transfer it to you with the factory 15 round mags. See if that would work. Unless they simply just can't order it at all in which case it's a no go either way. They do make a 228 I believe which is a single stack version, which I think may have a shorter barrel more like the p229. I mean other than the cool navy logo and the special coating to protect against salt water they are mechanically very similar.