NY Gun Confiscation?

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    Gun registration works my friend. Just ask Hitler, Mousolinni, Stalin, etc.

    First off, he should have demanded to see a warrant. Secondly, he needs to get a hold of a good 2A lawyer and fight this. If he wins, I would suggest that he considers relocating to anther state, preferably one that believes in the RTKABA.

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    Attention New York Revolution: I would like to introduce myself. My name is
    Victor Torres I been a law abiding resident of The Bronx in NYC. I too became a victim of the NYPD Anti-gun campaign. And my story starts out like this! Back in March 03, 2015 I was working for Allied Barton Security, and was sent to work as Security Officer by my company to the Bronx County Criminal Court House located at 205 E. 161st St. Bronx, NY 10451. Now when I explained to the court officer I was carry a knife. (5 inch blade). So he says to me OK! Go through the magnetometer and wait for the the acting supervisor.
    (Black acting supervisor) bear this in mind! Now when he comes after 10 minutes of waiting I get arrested! THE CHARGE WAS ORIGINALLY POSSESSION OF A DEADLY WEAPON. Now bear this in mind that I approach the court officers and told them this! that I wasn't trying to sneak the knife passed them. I was there to work not to look for trouble! Anyway so now I get put in cage and handcuffed to a chair inside the cage, both hands. For 3 hours, then I get booked. Now I wait to see my legal aid lawyer WHICH I DON'T RECOMMEND. So now I see the judge but before that my Legal Aid and the Bronx County Prosecutor start talking and they recommend that charge be dropped to a DISORDERLY CONDUCT! Now this whole ordeal for carrying a knife took 14 Hours. So they gave me arraignment date for 2 weeks later.
    I show up and I had plead guilty! Now I pay the court surcharge which was $160.00 and 1 day community service which is code for modern day slavery! And to stay out of trouble for a year. My legal aid lawyer told me after that my record would be sealed supposedly! So when this nonsense was over with I get suspended by my company for 1 month. Without pay. And then about 1 month later 1PP (1Police Plaza) writes me a letter stating that I had to SURRENDER MY 4 HANDGUNS. Mind you this is misdemeanor not a felony. So now the original investigating officer told that all I had to do was to give him a copy my disposition papers which cost me $10.00 for a .05 cent copy. So I did. 1 year later the 2nd investigating officer
    (Officers will remain nameless at this time)
    said to me that the officer was mistaken and I had to still surrender my handguns! And if didn't they would not renew my premises license. I was blackmailed! Now I'm a little suspicious about this! But I can't do anything about it. So I finally surrendered my handguns to my local Precinct. Folks I'm not proud to ask for help about this! Any any recommendations would be greatly appreciated so please by all means please do! Especially when it comes to good lawyer! Thanks for reading my story!
    Yours truly
    Victor Torres!
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    That's horrible and totally destroys your 2nd amendment rights.
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    Lesson here: Don't carry a hunting knife into a courthouse.......
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    Please check dates before posting.
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    When will NY Citizens get mad and vote in Patriots.
    I've been all over the county including the court house, some time ago with a belt knife on me. In the country everyone has a useful knife for cutting hay bale twine, even opening sacks of feed, and a hundred other things, then there is hunting.
    No where in what I read did read of real criminal offense. It is akin to making it a crime to draw a gun or have a water gun or pretend gun in recess.
    Sober and logical People are not running NY Govts or in the Legislature.
    They, to a logical reasonable person are loonie and need a head doctor evaluation and not allowed outside without supervision.
    They are criminal and preying on Citizens Rights.
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    Don't mention the acting supervisor being black. It takes credibility from your complaint.
    You should argue that the knife was a tool of your trade and that it was disclosed before entering the courthouse. The officer knowingly ushered you into the premises.
    That should have been handled instead of pleading guilty to any offense. But you can't put toothpaste back in the tube.
    Now you need to determine if the police have the authority to confiscate your arms for such a minor infraction. You might also point out that you have been allowed to have the guns for 2 years since the occurrence.