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    My girl and I are thinking about doing Times Square for New Years Eve this year. We've spent a few hours searching around hotels and stuff, when I suggested that I post here looking for advice on hotels and when to arrive, and all that jazz.

    Then off the cuff she says "I wonder if we could stay with one of them"......

    So guys and gals, who lives in the NY region that plans to visit Times Square when the ball drops, and would like to shelter a fellow FTF member and his girl for a couple of nights? We'd expect pay you (cash or check) for your room.

    If you can't offer a room, perhaps you might be able to offer some advice, that goes as follows.

    We would plan on driving up and arriving in NY on the 31st (early morning). We'd want to stay the 31st, 1st, and head home on the 2nd (early morning). I know downtown pretty much gets busy right away on the 31st, but are the roads totally shut down, or could a traveler still make it with his car into their hotel, and then walk about the rest of the day?

    Your input is much appreciated!
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    bump, bump, bump.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I have been down there before for the NYE celebration. It is one of those things you must do just for the awesome experience of it. I have friends down there so I just go down and stay with them so I don't know what to tell you. I havn't been down there for the NYE celebration since the 2000 celebration. It is definately an awesome experience and worth going at least one time. Be prepared for really big crowds and the NYC Police do a good job of crowd control.

    If I was going there from where you are, I would drive to an Amtrac station somewhere and take the train. I am sure all the hotels down in midtown there are booked for NYE as some book a year in advance. You could try Hotels in NJ as it is right across the river and get a 15 minute train ride to Manhatten. Either that, or try a Hotel somewhere in Westchester County NY. You could drive there and that would put you 30-40 miles north of the city with pleanty of hotels and you could take a commuter train in. They will be running 24/7 and waaaaaay cheaper than Amtrack. That might be something to explore if you google it and you can drive there instead of the city for NYE.

    I hope you go as it is an awesome experience. I just don't live anywhere near there. I am way Upstate in a little dinky village of 1,833 people as I am too old to put up with crowds now.

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    I'd love to help you out, right now I'm only about 45 minutes outside of Times Square. But by this New Years I'll be far far away in VT. :D

    If nobody steps up I would suggest looking at getting a room in Hoboken, NJ. From there you can catch the train into Manhattan and then work your way to TS.

    Keep in mind it is not the same party as it used to be. Back in the day it was anything goes. Now it is crawling with Law Enforcement, check points and surveillance. If you end up going I would suggest you get to the TS area no later than 8/9pm. After that it may be difficult to get passed the barricades and searches.

    If it were me I'd go to a New Years party with friends indoors so I could relax and enjoy myself and not worry about getting harassed, robbed or killed.

    If I end up downtown at a party I'll give you a heads up. :)