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    So I attempt to stay as current as possible with the SAFE Act but I keep hearing all sorts of stuff. Stopped at my local gun shop the other day and they are selling AR lowers like there's nothing new. They informed me that they can sell the lowers because it is the responsibility of the gun owner to assemble it to NY specifications. My question is if AR's don't need to be "registered" until 2014 (I think April), then how will anyone know that the AR was assembled before or after the SAFE Act was passed? If I put a pistol grip on it today is it an "illegal" "assault weapon" or a legal one that has not been registered yet? Are they just going by the background check dates and serial numbers and tracking them that way? I hate those stupid CA and NY stock assemblies for this law. This may just be gibberish anyways but if I would to find a lower that a friend was selling and bought it without a background check through an FFL they wouldn't be able to determine dates when/if I register next year anyways. Would they?
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    The law is "assault weapons" may not be sold in the state of New York after April 15, 2013. Grandfathered "assault weapons" must be registered with the state police prior to April 15, 2014.
    The lower receiver is the firearm. While it may not be legal to buy and sell them anymore, there is time left to have them registered as grandfathered.