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I'm a new member of the NRA as of yesterday!! I feel like I just got my license to drive for the first time when I was 16. A HUGE deal in my life!!!!
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For now...the NRA is our best defense IMO....good decision. And a belated welcome to you.
to the FTF community. We are glad to have you as a new member!

All you need here is a thick skin and the ability to laugh at anything, including yourself!

Please read the following, it will save all of us a lot of time and trouble:

Please DO NOT post (including in your signature) advertisements, links to sell or advertise if you are not a vendor.

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Join the Gun Owners of America, a worthy 2nd Amendment protector.

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Please join the NRA, it serves all gun owners well.

Join the NRA << Click Here
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^^^ what he said ;)
Haha thanks cane! I've been a member here for a bit now. I've just recently joined the NRA though. I know I know, I should have done it awhile ago. But better late than never. Awesome newcomers list though. I wish I would have gotten that when I first signed up. It would have saved me and the rest of the community a lot of time.

I think you and I had a conversation about tritium not too long ago. Very informative, thanks again.
Just added another year to mine. Good till 2014
Which magazine did you guys get?
I got the American Rifleman, it's good. Haven't read the other two though so I can't say how they are...
Become an active member. Contact your state NRA Rep. offer to help fight for gun rights. Become an NRA Certified Inst. etc.

NRA Patron
NRA Cerified Handgun Inst.
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