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    I am very upset! :mad:

    This is the issue:

    The current issue of the NRA magazine American Rifleman has a lengthy story praising Harry Reid for his efforts to have a large shooting range built outside of Las Vegas. Newsmax, the conservative magazine and Internet news group has recently stated that Harry Reid is boasting of a comfortable relationship with the NRA. Will the NRA return the favor for Reid's help in getting the shooting range built by giving him their endorsement? God help us if they do.

    A fellow Oathkeeper posted this letter:

    NRA Political Victory Fund
    Chris W. Cox, Chairman

    Dear Mr. Cox,

    I don’t usually pay attention to rumors but this one has some disturbing
    facts and I couldn’t put it aside. Two years ago, the NRA endorsed 54
    so-called Blue Dog Democrats for Congress and I read that 53 of them
    were elected. This fact enabled the Democrats to gain control of
    Congress and Nancy Pelosi to become the Speaker of the House. As a
    citizen of the United States and a conservative American I am aware of
    the consequences that have happened since: We all now face the most
    anti-gun administration in the history of America.

    Now, if the following report proves to be true and the NRA endorses
    Harry Reid, you can count on at least three things to happen.

    1. I will submit my resignation to the NRA and end my 42 year long Life
    Membership and present Benefactor level status.
    2. I will write endless blogs denouncing your treasonous acts against
    patriotic gun-owning Americans.
    3. I predict that my reaction will be shared by a large percentage of
    other NRA members, many of whom may also be followers of the Tea Party

    In light of this Newsmax report, below, I am withholding all
    contributions to NRA-PVF.


    Jews for Sarah Palin; NRA Likes Harry Reid

    Article from Newsmax 5-9-2010

    NRA Still Loves Harry Reid

    The National Rifle Association has a record of supporting far more
    Republicans than Democrats, but there’s one powerful Democrat who has a
    not-so-secret admirer in the NRA — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    The NRA hasn’t officially endorsed Sen. Reid, who is facing a tough
    re-election battle in Nevada, but the gun rights group “really loves”
    Reid, an NRA insider tells Newsmax.

    Even as tea partyers rallied against Reid in his hometown of
    Searchlight, Nev., on March 27, Reid was joined by NRA Executive Vice
    President Wayne LaPierre at the official grand opening of a $60 million
    shooting range Reid helped build north of Las Vegas.

    “I know how you worked,” LaPierre said to Reid at the opening. “[This]
    would not have opened without the work of Sen. Reid.”

    Reid’s re-election campaign describes LaPierre as “one of the senator’s
    supporters,” according to CNN.

    Since his election to the Senate in 1986, Reid has consistently voted to
    protect the rights of gun owners and manufacturers:

    * In 1993, he was 1 of only 8 Democrats to vote against an assault
    weapons ban.
    * The following year he voted in favor of a bill preventing
    third-party lawsuits against gun manufacturers and distributors when
    their weapons are used illegally.
    * He voted against legislation that would have made it a federal
    crime to keep a gun unlocked and loaded for personal protection in the

    The NRA sent a letter to its members in July 2009 stating that “for many
    years, Harry Reid has been supporting our Second Amendment rights in
    the U.S. Senate.”

    At the opening of the shooting range, Reid donned ear plugs to test out
    his 12-gauge shotgun, Politics Daily reported. After the ribbon cutting,
    he autographed shell casings.
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    WOW!! I learn all of this 2 weeks after
    I mail in my NRA membership renewal. :(

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    Harry Reid on the Issues

    He's wishy-washy.

    It seems to me like he is just rolling with the times if you look at the record above-as the sentiment has changed,so has his voting record.

    I highly doubt he'd be for the repeal of previous 'gun control' laws.
    Meaning for me-hes definitely not the kind of 'pro-gun' advocate I'd vote for.

    Better than some-worse than others.

    Not good enough for me.
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    Once again, the NRA, while the 800lb Gorilla in D.C., is no longer the Gun Advocate that we WANT in D.C.

    This is ANOTHER example of why I am no longer a member of their organization.

    It's not that I am against what they "promote", it's that I am ALPHA MALE AGAINST the way they go about spending my money and what they will spend it on.

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    I will not renew.
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    Agree 100% on this.Open up the pages and seen Dingy Harry name plastered all over the article.Just another polictical organization rub job for the money they got.It's what the whole problem is coming from!!!!! Blummer
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    I will not not renew either, even sent an e-mail voicing my dislike for hairy reed even mentioned in an nra magazine.
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    So. If not the NRA, what's your plan B? SAF? GOA? They've all got their warts. The way I see it, the NRA is doing MOST of the heavy lifting on the gun rights front. Do they pimp themselves out for money? Hell yeah. They're career politicians just like the guys they work with. Do I like it? Not so much, but I haven't seen any better suggestions.
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    I support your decisions 100% on not renewing, but please join at least one of the others: gun owners of america, second amendment foundation, or jews for the preservation of gun ownership 9or something like that), national association of gun rights.
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    Whatever his stand regarding guns Harry needs to go.
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    And everyone like em
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    Yep, it is fashionable to bash the NRA and Harry Reid. If there was no NRA you could not legally own an air rifle in the USA. Harry Reid voted against the original "assault weapons ban". In 2004 Harry Reid voted against the extension of the AWB. 10 of those lovely gun loving Republican senators voted in favor of the extension of the AWB and it passed the US senate. The US house did not take up extension of the AWB.

    My Second Amendment rights are the most precious of my rights and I keep abreast of threats to those rights. Things like abortion, flag burning and gays are feel good stuff designed to divide the country. It does not matter to me which part of the political spectrum the pro gunner comes from: I could care less if the pro-gun candidate is a fire breathing Baptist preacher or a lesbian Wiccan who has had two abortions.

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    The difference between lawmakers who are truly pro-Constitution and the ones who are trying to make out like bandits with your votes by pretending to be so are whether or not they support a federal government that operates as the limited government body the Constitution is set up to establish.

    The Constitution does not allow for the federal government to 'infringe' on 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms'.

    They shouldn't even be up there debating the matter.

    There are way too many fair weather representatives and not enough of them willing to stand up for the truth-'gun control' is illegal.

    These politicians have no concern as to the limits placed on them by the law,and are ALWAYS trying to consolidate more power for the federal government despite the law.

    These politicians come from both sides of the aisle.This isnt about D vs. R.

    The NRA is making a big mistake in trusting any one of them.

    Harry Reid is typical of incumbent career politicians-he doesn't understand the Constitution,believes he and the Congress has authority to pretty much write and enforce any law they wish because they believe the Constitution grants them 'broad powers',and while managing to manipulate the plain meaning of words to allow for agendas,they grow our national debt by expanding and creating new entitlement programs,establishing expensive federal police powers the Constitution does not grant,send our money to foreign nations in the form of 'aid'-and do a host of other expensive things Congress is not legally entitled to do under Constitutional law; and if they are ever confronted by folks concerned with the scope of government and whether or not the Supreme Law is being obeyed- they either give some bull$%^t answer as to the actual power vested in the Congress by the Constitution-
    Or call people concerned with the seemingly endless power usurped and excersized on them something like 'astroturf homegrown terrorists'.

    And then they send us the bill.

    NRA,on the other hand,compromises too much with politicians like this and with the hoplophobes.
    There is no compromise with gun control fanatics.
    They are advocating violating the Constitution and your individual liberties for the sake of their own personal beliefs.
    The 'gun control' ideology effectively seeks to undermine one of the core principles set forth by the Founding Generation that the government shall not enjoy a monopoly on the use of force-but that citizens will have the ability to defend themselves from tyranny with privately held weapons - if it ever comes to that.
    It is the ultimate check on government power-vested in We The People by the Constitution.

    The hoplophobes' agenda of destroying that sacred principle is dangerous and unConstitutional.

    There is NO COMPROMISE with them or their ideology.

    And given NRAs historical record of compromising with these mental defectives that think they know whats best for you at the cost of your inalienable rights-

    Is is any wonder why people are jumping ship and joining the more aggressive pro-Second Amendment lobbies?:rolleyes:

    NRAWOL - A critical view of the NRA's compromises

    NRA does not speak for me.
    NRA does not speak for the Second Amendment.
    They speak for the established forms of 'gun control' without arguing for repeal.
    They are comfortable with the current status quo.DESPITE the Constitution.

    Thats why they like Harry Reid.

    Another thing-didn't Reid just recently vote to make it a 'taxable offense' to refuse to buy government-approved Health Insurance?

    Correct me if I'm wrong-but I believe he was INSTRUMENTAL in this new treason.

    Harry Reid doesn't care about your inalienable rights,the Constitution,or your right to be left alone by overbearing government.
    He only cares about consolidating more power for Harry Reid.

    And the NRA has yet again shown its true colors with its endorsment of Senator Harry Reid.

    NRA-get your s%^t together.
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    NRA-Are they on our side?

    Recently here in Georgia, the NRA lobbied against an expansion of armed citizens' permitted areas to carry, in favor of their favored legislation. The result was that bill being significantly weakened (fortunately both did pass and now await signature by the governor).

    And now, this thing with Reid. Reid, although he has done some things in support of firearms, he is part of the triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. They administration has stated that they support the UN's approach to gun control (flying in the face of the Constitution). That would mean absolutely no guns in private hands. Reid cannot be trusted. And I am beginning to belief neither can the NRA. They apparently have fallen prey to the DC syndrome (a obsession with power).

    On the other hand, they are mostly on our side so I my opinion we should totally disregard them, but rather build up other voices in addition to the NRA; and pressure the NRA to "straighten up and fly right"
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    Unadulterated bull$hit.
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    Your post above #13 is well put and truthful.
    I quoted the above it also being truthful and precise, but because tyranny is slowing creeping in. How else for the politicians to sway the NRA and other pro gun organizations, but to be in bed with them. Turn them to their way of thinking. The NRA isn't the same NRA that I knew 30 years ago. NRA is beginning to bargain with the wrong politicians. Very risky for us.
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    YEAH, lets get rid of the NRA, GREAT IDEA then we could

    end up like Canada, Australia and England....worked great for them didn't it!

    I don't like Harry either BUT punishing the NRA will not ensure he is not reelected, that requires getting off you azz and into the voting booth.

    Rants on blogs don't register in the voting booth. Grow up and stop sounding like some MI militia wacko!
  18. alsaqr

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    Many of the same people who whine about the NRA and make excuses about not joining the NRA make excuses for not voting. I know quite a few of them.

    Exactly. Folks go into total incoherent rants based on the word of some uninformed fool: Without even bothering to check out the veracity of the article, they say: "I got this e-mail and they are going to take our guns."
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    I vote and am a member of JPFO.

    And I tend to look for articles with information that can be verified by fact,rather than just getting some email and going off about it.

    I take offense to the part about 'incoherent rants' your using to describe folks who are voicing their concerns which you dont share,which is often times being voiced by me.

    I hope the following is coherent and clear enough.

    This is nothing personal,but I think a little perspective is in order.

    There were 'phases' of the Holocaust.In the beginning,the 'deportations' were the first 'phase'.Some camps existed,and others were being built,while the first camps were used in Hitler's eugenics program to murder the mentally ill,the physically disabled,and other 'defectives'.Rumors of these camps spread like wildfire in the Jewish community,as the Jews were facing demand after demand by the Nazis on their rights.

    No one believed the camps were real.

    No one wanted to believe the camps were real.

    The Jews believed that if they complied with the Nazis,obeyed every new edict-perhaps the Nazis would leave them alone.
    Perhaps,if the Jews gave one more right up to the Nazis,the Nazis would not see them as a threat and would let them live in peace.
    First,the Jews were stripped of economic rights.Then property rights
    -INCLUDING FIREARMS RIGHTS- until,helpless and totally at the mercy of the Nazi state,they were moved into 'ghettos'.

    The Jews tried to be 'law abiding'.

    And then began the 'final solution'.

    This steady 'whittling away' of rights went on with the Jews in denial until they began emptying the ghettos with firing squads,machinegunning women and children and old men en masse,while they shipped those with able bodies to camps like Bergen-Belsen where instead of being marched off to the gas chambers 'to the lovely sounds of classical music',as George Bernard Shaw put it,they were literally worked to death on a diet you wouldnt feed a stray dog.

    Some victims of the Holocaust-which weren't only Jews-didn't believe the rumors of death camps until they heard the 'lovely music' as they were mustered out of cattle cars.

    But by then it was too late.
    Too late to assert themselves legally-because their legal rights were already gone.
    Too late to assert themselves economically-because they had already allowed the state to take away their property rights.
    It was too late to assert their humanity,because the state had already decided their 'status' as 'untermenshen'.

    AND IT WAS TOO LATE to effectively use force to resist-

    All that was left was death at the hands of Hitlers eugenics program.

    And let me make it clear that eugenics was far from a Nazi invention.

    In fact,President Woodrow Wilson -a self-proclaimed 'progressive'- was a devout believer in eugenics long before Adolph Hitler even knew the term.

    Eugenics,as practiced by the Nazis, murdered 6 million of my people.

    So you'll just have to forgive my fervency when confronted by the fact that the UN wants a world wide control of some form or another on small arms,and that a self-described 'modern progressive'-namely Hitlery Klintoon is involved,along with an OBVIOUS Marxist President like Hussein Soetoro or whatever his name is,reversing positions on the policy from one of no acceptance of such an 'arms control' approach to one of full co-operation.

    Every time the NRA talks about how 'law abiding' people have the right to arms,I wonder just what their up to,because 'law abiding' citizens in Nazi Germany could own guns too-and just like whats going on here,the Nazi government had total control of who owned what via licensing and registration of all arms.
    NRA is ok with laws that have 'prohibited persons' lists and demand background checks as a form of permission/licensing and de facto registration of American citizens 'excersizing' their 'rights'.
    'Law abiding' or not-the Constitution establishes that the people of the United States have the right to be free of government 'infringement' regarding their inalienable right to keep and bear arms.
    So you'll forgive me when I assert that the NRA,when it compromises on 'gun control',is making a deal with the devil-and selling US ALL short.

    Tyranny is a slow progression in many instances,and the signs of a very evil tyranny are in fact becoming quite apparent to anyone with eyes to read and ears to hear in America.

    Our government no longer obeys the rule of law,it no longer obeys the restrictions placed upon it by the Constitution,and it no longer seeks to properly carry out the duties assigned to it.

    Our government,which once recognized and aboded itself within the limits proscribed to it and the inalienable rights of its citizens,now believes it is the creator of 'new rights',it believes it now has the power to dictate rights and to 'regulate' rights as it sees fit.

    When 'law abiding' means obeying an out of control government-you can count me a partisan.

    So your just going to have to forgive me when I'd rather pay my gun lobby money to a group that wont compromise with those -People like Harry Reid- who are recklessly 'progressing' us 'forward' into an Orwellian Stasi-esque hell the victims of the Holocaust could only imagine.

    Go ahead.

    Say it can't happen here.

    Because for some people-it already has.

    Democide,slavery and eugenics are some of the blackest marks on our national history.

    So you'll forgive me if I'm none too reserved when I hear even the rumor of more government control being asserted over our inalienable rights.

    Please forgive me if I dedicate my time to fervently espousing what I believe to be the solution to all evils perpetrated by ANY government-ADHERENCE TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and the principles of limited government and respect for the individual,inalienable rights of all people!
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    So rant AND vote but don't blame the NRA if you do

    neither and fail to support the most powerful PRO-GUN lobby in the world.

    While JFPO has a nice website, I can't seem to find how many paid members they have
    and since most Americans of Jewish heritage voted for Obama....well I doubt they (JFPO) are much of a force on the hill.
    Sort of like voting for Perot...which gave us Clinton.
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