NRA Supports Frivolous Microstamping, Evaluation Study Act

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    Interesting read!

    NRA Supports Frivolous Microstamping, Evaluation Study Act

    NRA-ILA :: NRA Supports H.R. 5667, The Firearms Microstamping Evaluation and Study Act

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.” -Cesare Beccaria

    In a time of increasing unemployment and home foreclosures the NRA as decided to support a bill that according to their own fact sheet maybe be a waste of (taxpayers) money.

    On July 1, 2010, Representative Dan Boren (D-Okla.) introduced HR 5667, the Firearms, Microstamping, Evaluation and Study Act. The Bill would require a study to determine if a low cost and reliable form of microstamping could be incorporated into the manufacturing of a firearm.

    Gun control advocates believe microstamping technologies combined with a registration list of guns and their owners would create a rapid identification system for firearms used in crime.

    A 2006 University of California (Davis) study concluded that laser cutting of the firing pin was feasible but the resulting stamping was inconsistent.

    Microstamping involves using a laser to cut identifying marks into the tip of a guns firing pin or other internal surfaces. When a gun is fired, the firing pin strikes the cartridge primer leaving an indentation in the primer. Anti-gunners believe this striking action by the firing pin or other internal part could be used to stamp an identifier into the primer or case that would then be used to identify the guns owner.

    The University of California (Davis) study showed that the vast majority of marks left in the primer were unreadable. Other studies by the firearms industry found similar results.

    So why is the NRA supporting a bill their own fact sheet suggests is a waste of money?

    Could it be to prove a point?

    Congress has funded studies in the past that concluded that gun control schemes were frivolous and counter productive.

    Studies from the Treasury Department, National Academy of Sciences and the Center for Disease Control have proven that gun bans and ammo bans simply do not work and create an undue burden on gun owners and law enforcement.

    One study from the Urban Institute on the 1994 assault weapons ban, found that semi-auto type firearms covered by the 1994 ban were rarely used to commit crime.

    The NRA maybe hoping to put the idea of microstamping on the trash heap of Congressional studies, but can the American people continue to fund frivolous studies.

    Our nation is in debt, Bob Chapman is reporting unemployment at 21-5/8%, the American people would best be served by an NRA that is working for repeal of gun control laws than spending taxpayer dollars for frivolous studies.

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has a new documentary film available on the web that exposes the Dangerous stupidity and hypocrisy of “gun controllers”.

    Firearms Microstamping Feasible But Variable, Study Finds

    Firearms Microstamping Feasible But Variable, Study Finds


    JPFO- No Guns for Jews - download or view
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    If your not a criminal, there's nothing to worry about. Besides, I believe the NRA backs this only because it is for the identifying of criminal users. If the stamping doesn't work, then the NRA has a victory anyway. If the govt. thinks the NRA is on to a dumb Idea [Which this is}, they will veto it ! I think the NRA is using a little reverse psychology here. The money it will cost to do this will be horrendous ! I wouldn't worry about it much.

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    The purpose of microstamping is to increase the cost of firearms to consumers and possibly put some manufacturers out of business. It has nothing to do with solving crimes. Politicians like -- need -- crime because it helps to keep us distracted and it works as a good pivot point for various arguments.

    When government makes it difficult or impossible for otherwise law-abiding citizens to get what they want or need, otherwise law-abiding citizens willingly become criminals.