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Anyone else get their NRA-PVF 2008 platform ballot?

Basically it asks if you want the NRA platform to:

  1. Support only candidates who read the second amendment as an individual right.
  2. Oppose renewal of the "Clinton Gun Ban."
  3. Support "emergency power" laws to ban civilian gun confiscation during disasters.
  4. Support passage of "castle doctrine" laws.
  5. Allow gun owners to keep firearms locked in cars on employer's property.
  6. Oppose a UN sponsored worldwide gun ban.
  7. Support right to carry laws in all states and demand reciprocity for all states.
  8. Oppose the use of the NICS program to make a database of gun owners.
  9. Oppose efforts to shut down gun shows, lawsuits against manufacturers, and stop all anti-gun legislation at any level of government.
  10. Oppose efforts at every level of government to require registration of firearms and ammo.

They also leave a space for you to add what you think is needed. I included the banning of serialization schemes and open/concealed carry in national parks and forests.
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