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    I have an very important link for you and everyone else that you know to sign. It's an official 'rally the congress' website. The letter is already copied into the link, so you don't need to write anything, unless of course you want to ADD to what is already written. It's regarding Barack Obama and the suit against him (on behalf of Berg). Most of you probably already know about the case, but for those of you who don't, I suggest you go to.....

    The above link will get you up to date on all that is going on.

    The following link is the petition. It's free, and easy. Please sign, and pass both links to friends and family, etc. Thanks.



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    the mere fact that hes in the race for pres after his military bombing civilians comment makes me want to puke. The man commits crimes towards the entire meaning of America daily, and as such does not deserve any respect or attention of anyone.
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    I myself think most of them stink to high heaven and am considering filing my own "Declaration Of Independence" or at least Seceeding from the Union.
    The scum have all violated their sacred oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and instead have sold their very souls and themselves have become the DOMESTIC ENEMY. They have torn up the Constitution right in our faces and are now sneering at us in their ratholes. I really believe that terrible days lay ahead and I truly believe the scum are preparing to apply the "Coup de Grace".
    I've been trying to rally folks since '99 with very little success and my last remaining hope is that my fellow countrymen will stop being sheep and say...
    "Bring it on Man! If you think the NVA and the VC were big trouble, wait til you see US"
    Lock and Load