NRA Lifetime Memberships at $300

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    Got this from another Forum:

    The NRA is now allowing the purchase of Life Memberships for $300 (70% off normal price) without a sponsor!

    To purchase a Life Membership for yourself or someone else, call 888-678-7894.

    To do it online, you still need the sponsor information as outlined below:

    At this link, you (or the Life Member) must enter an existing Life Member's information (Member ID, email address, and ZIP code) and the Captcha-type Security Code - then click "Continue". Don't click "Not a member? Join here."

    The second page will ask if you want to upgrade the membership of the Life Member whose ID was entered to Endowment. Unless you wish to do this, just click "Continue".

    The third page will say Give a Gift Membership. On this page, select the Life Membership in the first drop down list, and enter the name and other info of the new/to-be-upgraded member - not the Life Member that provided the ID.

    Select Review & Complete Your Transaction. You should be able to enter all relevant credit card info there.
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