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    On the NRA Gunsmithing site, they endorse 4 colleges for short summer gunsmithing courses. They have a school in Colorado, Trinidad State Junior College. They have 9 weeks of courses with 3 or 4 different courses per week. I have thought about taking a 1911 course to learn in detail the 1911, and how to fix/customize the pistol. This would strickly be for hobby. Unless I could get good enough to make something someone else would be willing to buy, then I might try to do 1911 work on the side. Would this be the way to go. Im not sold on these dvd courses that are advertised. I live in Florida with a good paying job, I cant afford to leave or quit. That is why this one week course is attractive. But is a one week course good enough?

    For the resident 1911 gunsmiths, is the tools list a good one? Is it complete, would you add anything? Does anyone sell complete gunsmithing kits? What brand of tools are considered the standard, not a Rolls-Royse, but not a Yugo, a quality high value Ford.

    I would like to go this year, but I dont think I can miss a week of college, hopefully next year. The other thing I like about it is that the tuition is 450 out of state. The Cylinder and Slide week long 1911 course is $4500, Vickers gunsmithing class is about $2400.

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    Here is an example of what we'll be talking about in the class.
    Welded and machined rails
    Match bushing and crown
    Novak sights
    Trigger and trigger job
    Thumb and grip safeties
    Ball cut slide
    Top serrations
    Beveled mag well
    Undercut frame
    Reliability package
    and so on.....

    The tool list is very basic. To purchase all of the specialty tools that I will be bringing for you to use would cost well over $2000 not including the machine tools like end mills and dovetail cutters.

    I've been teaching this class at CST for about 2.5 years and have it designed to give the student a good head start in the right direction. Some students come to the class with very good skills and attention to detail, others have to develope the skills and the eye. I try to cater to both and everyone in between. All students will need to continue to practice after the class to really hone the skills needed to turn out high end pistols.

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all.