NRA Fights "Terrorist" Arming Bill

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by rand, May 7, 2007.

  1. rand

    rand Guest

    It's nuts what our Gov't is trying to pass using this terrorist BS.

  2. bkt

    bkt New Member

    We are already told what we may buy, what we may not buy, and we're made to jump through hoops to exercize rights acknowledged by the constitution.

    This is just another means to set a precedent for arbitrarily denying firearm sales. By using emotion -- the concern over "terrorists" -- they can probably drum up enough support. Never mind that the word "terrorist" can apply to anyone for any reason our public servants dream up. Hell, we see articles today about people arrested for having an "arsenal" (a dozen or so firearms) and a "huge stockpile of ammunition" (a couple thousand rounds). How hard would it be to tag such an individual as a potential terrorist? Sheeple will eat this stuff up and encourage officials to "protect" them by legislating their rights away.