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    High Noon Holsters’ Rock Steady Gun belt

    After a few years in a desk position, I noticed an unfortunate “expansion”, located somewhat around the middle. Oops. This in turn meant I had to “widen” my work belt supply. So, being frugal, (AKA, cheap), I decided to buy a replacement down at a local major clothing retailer, “off the rack” as it were. Well, one belt turned into about 5 over a year, as I discovered something that SHOULD have been quite obvious from the get go – dress belts have no “oomph” when it comes to holding up the nifty selection of gear I need for work. After belt number 5 showed signs of giving up the ghost less than 1 month after I bought it, I had had enough. I needed something with style and staying power, and I turned to High Noon Holsters, and their Rock Steady belt. I requested a 1 ½ inch in black finish with brass/gold buckle to fit my employer’s requirements.
    I have to say is when I saw the measuring system they requested, it looked goofy. I knew my pant size wasn’t that big. Friends and neighbors, this thing works – USE it. When my belt showed up, it was a perfect fit. But, I get ahead of myself…

    First things first, I got a call at work that a package had been dropped off by a certain big brown truck – love those guys. When I walked in the door, I saw this label. Oh, yeah…


    When you see that, you know two things - 1), the contents are going to be awesome, and 2) UPS has a dirty conveyor belt. I can live with that.

    Contents, you ask? Why, this was inside that little brown box of wonders! Yes, I KNOW it says “44”, I told you I had expanded!


    The first impression was high quality in every stitch, and quite surprisingly it was NOT nearly as heavy as I expected. I slid the Rock Steady on right away, to my wife’s vast amusement, and it was PERFECT. Remember that cheap belt? Here it is with the Rock Steady…see if you can guess which one is which.


    This is a GUN belt, and I looked forward to putting it to the test – I carry a lot of gear, and I don’t use a regular Sam Browne or other duty belt in my present position. Here’s everything that I would ask it to lug for me. I know, putting dirty old nylon on that fine leather is like drawing a smiley face on the Mona Lisa, but I lack fundage to replace it just yet. No, no kitchen sink, and no Taser, but that’s my daily load. Is the Rock Steady up for it? Laid the gear in order out on top – I thought that old (obviously NOT High Noon), holster wasn’t going to fit, (which would have REQUIRED a new rig from High Noon, right, honey?), but when I tried it, it slid on. Dang.


    Off to work I went. First thing I noticed about the Rock Steady and the uniform required gear is what it DIDN’T do – it didn’t move. The cheap belt sagged immediately and stretched, showing wear easy to see in the above picture – that’s 1 month worth of use. The Rock Steady just said “bring it on”. It feels like being wrapped in gentle steel, as it goes right where it’s supposed to go, but it doesn’t move when in place - just like its name says, absolutely rock steady. I also wore it off duty with my off duty rig, (far less stuff, thankfully), and found the exact same thing. It is a bit tight fit with some of the “other brand” leather gear I bought a while ago, but they slid on finally, and the Rock Steady held everything right where I put it, even concealing a full size duty pistol under a t-shirt in Arizona June weather. Might be time to upgrade the off duty rig too.

    So far I have showed this off at work to several co workers, and all I can say is the color green is in the air…

    Rock Steady – I discovered it’s not just a catchy name, it’s the truth.
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    Wow! I need one of those ...very nice

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    Thats a nice belt hows it holding up for ya so far since you started wearing it ?? I was thinking of getting one as my 5.11 belt is just to small for me now LOL, esp if I wear a IWB holster... the only down side to that belt I see is the price LOL.. but then again I paid around $50 for my wallet thats suppose to last a lifetime and so far its holding up like no other wallet ive ever owned .. so I guess I can afford to get one LOL