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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Flat4sti, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Flat4sti

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    I am a new shooter, well new at pistols. I used to shoot clays. I have a question Double Action/ Single Action triggers. What exactly does this mean. It seems most of the guns i am looking at are da/sa.

    I really want a sig p226 but for right now it is just a little outta the price range. I like the Beretta Px4 Storm, i don't want a glock. Any help on the subject would be appreciated. This gun will for the most part not be for cc.
  2. junho806

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    DA is double action and named appropriately because when you pull the trigger two things happen. hammer is cocked back and then released!
    SA is single action and the hammer is already cocked back so when you pull the trigger there's only one action, the hammer is released and the firearm fires!
    DA/SA means first trigger pull is DA and the rest is SA until the magazine is out
    hope this clears things up a bit
    as for the sig i dont own one but i hear good things about it and i've held one before and its feels pretty good in the hand.
    i may be little partial but have you considered a 1911?

  3. General_lee

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    It's very simple really.

    Single action means the hammer must be cocked first before you can pull the trigger to fire the gun.

    Double action is when pulling the trigger simultaniously cocks the hammer and fires the gun just by pulling the trigger.

    DA/SA means the gun can be used either way.
    SA usually has a shorter, lighter trigger pull, while DA will be long and heavy.

    Single action revolvers (old west style) must be cocked for each shot.
    Single action semi-autos like the 1911 need only to be cocked once per magazine..the slide cycling back cocks the hammer after the first shot.
  4. Flat4sti

    Flat4sti New Member

    yeah i knew what double action and single did mean but i wondered why both were listed: da/sa. so yeah that cleared things up thanks.
  5. Mr. Bluesky

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    DA/SA means that you will generally carry the pistol with round chambered, hammer uncocked, and safety on. When you turn off the safety and fire the FIRST shot, the pull will be long and heavy as the trigger cocks, then releases the hammer to fire. AFTER the first shot, the hammer is cocked by the recoil action of the pistol, so the pull will be easier and smoother. Many of these pistols feature a decocking lever, sometimes built into the safety, which lowers the hammer without firing.

    Common DA/SA pistols include Sig Sauers, and the Beretta 92.
  6. Tackleberry1

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    I think your DA/SA question has been answered so on to your choice of pistol.
    I'm a 1911 guy but my bedside gun is a Sig 226 .40 for two reasons.

    1. It's the most reliale auto I've ever owned in a full size, full power load.

    2. It's the first gun I bought with a light rail and works great with my Streamlight.

    IF a new 226 is out of range, think there running about 8 bills right now, call around to see if any of your local dealers have any "Sig Factory Refurbs" in stock. These are used but they have been striped down and re-sprung by the factor and they come in a red box rather than the blue. You can usually find these for 2 to 250 less that an NIB gun.

    Good Luck

  7. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Look for a CPO (certified pre-owned) Sig and you can save mucho dinero. Many dealers carry them and Sig goes through them before they put them on the market...
  8. JuggNuttz

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    your DA/SA question has been answered, so ill forgo that part.

    Sig's are amazing and extremly reliable, i have the P229 in .40s&w and love it. I also have a PX4 Storm in 9mm and im loving it as well, so much so i woulndt be afraid to get a second one in .45 (or a conversion kit if they have them). It just seems to fit my hand perfectly! But either the Sig or the PX4 are great guns and im sure will serve you well!
  9. Flat4sti

    Flat4sti New Member

    I am narrowing down my selection. Top 2 are the px4 and the m&p40. i am gonna be shooting them both this weekend. I have shoot my buddies HK p2000 and his fn 57 and really like the da/sa trigger. which is why i am leaning towards the px4. we'll see decision time is still a time off.