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    Hello all.

    I work at a summer camp where we serve campers and guests from toddlers to elderly. One of our popular activities is our .22 rifle range.

    We are looking to make some improvements and I have some questions that I thought you would be helpful with.

    We have been using steel spinning targets in the past and our rifles are .22 bolt action.

    What would be a good & safe distance for kids and novice participators to shoot at?

    What types of targets or companies would you recommend buying from?
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    Can't offer an answer to your question, but having done the same thing with the YMCA Adventure Guides (and I'm sure Boy Scouts do to), paper bullseye targets make a great souvenir from camp if you're just using a static target, although the plinking off spinning targets is fun too from a safe distance.

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    First, welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, drop by the intro thread and say howdy.

    Delighted to see someone working with introducing folks to the fun side of plinking!

    We could make dozens of suggestions, but will make one instead- the NRA has a section that deals with advice and guidance on setting up and operating ranges. Give them a try- think the toll free number is 1-800-672-3888. If that does NOT get you some help, come back by and let us know.