Noveske vs Daniels Defense (not again)

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by TankTop, Nov 18, 2012.

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    So I am having a ridiculously good month at work and I just may be in a position to purchase my upper sooner than I thought. My thinking has been to get the Noveske basic light recce upper or 16" upper, both in the $800 range. I think they are virtually identical, basic uppers made with the very best parts, especially the barrel (I think with average use it should almost last a lifetime). The DD upper can also be had for about the same price, still extremely high quality but with a free float barrel, and it looks cooler. Not looking for the argument of which is better, they are different, really want some opinions on what people would recommend for a first time AR between the two. Also, at 100-200 yards will there be that big of a difference in accuracy between them. Also, how big of a job is dropping in a nice free float tube on the Noveske in the future, my thought is part of what makes them so nice is how meticulously they are assembled. Lastly, does anybody know what the weight of the buffer Noveske uses, I know it's a H buffer but I can find a half dozen different weights for a standard H buffer.

    P.S. Mark from ROGTAC, if you still have the Noveske basic 14.5 can you hide it for me for about a month please?