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    So, I spent some time with my 'smith today and thought you guys might like to hear a little industry news. Or maybe not and I am merely taking up space here, but I'll let you be the judge of that. :rolleyes:

    As of Thursday June 19th this information was accurate:

    DPMS has stopped selling anything but full, complete rifle builds. They aren't selling spare lowers or uppers because none are to be had at the moment. What hasn't been published is the fact that they are currently holding 13,000 orders for rifles on the books to be manufactured as soon as possible.

    Rock River Arms - Same deal, but there backlog is a little lower at around 7,500 to 8,000

    MidwayUSA was unable to fill an order request for AR parts in "packaged" form, meaning a "complete lower rebuild kit", etc. because of recent demand.

    Brownell's was able to fill half an order for packaged AR parts.

    The rest of the shop order had to be filled by piece meal by both sources, meaning higher individual part prices and more shipping charges coming from different sources.

    It would appear a large portion of the gun buying public is a tad bit worried about the change in leadership that is coming up. :eek:

    Of special note to CpTango30 and other Remington fans:

    Remington's new .338 Uber Rifle made a visit to the shop. Alas, I was not there to see it. :mad: The local rep needed a favor, and Brett wanted to see the new model, so a compromise was had.

    First off, the only knock my 'Smith had on the new Remington design was that they should have been producing it for the past 20 years. LOL

    He said it's an awesome piece of engineering. The story goes like this, from the rep to my 'smith, to me and to you guys, so cut me a little slack here if there is an official announcement in the coming weeks and it doesn't quite match.

    Remington got bought by Cerebus back in April of last year. Apparently at some point the US Military made an official announcement about their new rifle trials with certain criteria, boltgun, .338 caliber, etc. I guess a few people took a run at it, including Remington with their Standard 700. All comers were denied by the Military honchos. Remington management and Cerebus heads sat down and the result was "We will win this contract". Which is pretty impressive. I guess they threw everything, including the kitchen sink, out the window and started over on this design.

    First off the bolt is a 3 lug, not the traditional 2 lug. On something like a .338 having a three lug design is a great safety feature in my opinion. So, you have three beefy lugs offset by 120 degrees each.

    The bolt head is a floating style, like the Savage. This could go either way, for me personally, but my 'Smith likes the design, and who am I to argue with him?!

    The new extractor is the AR style. Much beefier and way more solid than the old Remington crescent shaped spring steel. A definite plus in anyone's book.

    The recoil lug is now part of the action itself, so there is no longer a separate recoil washer that you have to mess with.... BECAUSE....

    The new barrel attachment system is just like the AR platforms, so rebarrelling in the field is now a possibility should the need ever arise. That's a pretty cool feature actually. The possibilities for this platform are really exciting!

    Don't tell anyone - but if the production model is as good as what I have been told, I might need to get one.... :eek:

    Now, I know the whole "Post pictures or it didn't happen" crap in the forum word. I can't give you any, because I didn't get to see the rifle myself, and even if I had, I couldn't have posted any pictures because it's still in black out status. But, as soon as I can get you guys some more info on it, I will do what I can to let you know the good stuff first....

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    Thanks for the news and heads up, it is a good piece of info.

  3. bkt

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    That's the hope, anyway. A few gun shops around me can't keep ARs (any ARs) on the shelf more than a day or so and AKs and SKS's are getting scarce.
  4. c3shooter

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    Ya know, it is just one heck of a co-inkydink that the amount of that "stimulus check" for 2 people just about equals a decent AR (when you add in a few mags and some ammo). And a lot of folks ARE thinking "Gonna get mine while I can". Me, I saving up for another M-60! :D
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    Cerebus is monopolizing the whole gun industry! Rock River has been backlogged for over a year, that's why I bought my AR-10 from DPMS. I bought Rock Rivers NMA4 and love it, so I wanted the .308 version. However, the folks at Rock River told me in January that orders were backlogged to Dec. 2007 and they hadn't started production yet! They began taking orders for the damn gun over a year before they actually began manufacturing it! I had to wait 3 months just to get the NMA4. They were awarded contracts totalling 5000 guns for the DEA and FBI, so I guess us "consumers" take a back seat.
  6. RL357Mag

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    Didn't they do this with the Mod. 710 ( I think it's the 710) last year? It is cheaper to manufacture and is actually a better design according to the article I read.
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    You know RL, I can't say for sure. I believe the 710 has a different recoil lug, from the 700. But from what my 'Smith says, this new "unnamed" action is a piece of artwork from the ground up.

    The separate recoil lug is a horrible design, but it served a purpose at the time. However that time was about 20 or 30 years in the past. :D

    Apparently Remington has really scrapped their previous work in favor of this new action. According to the sales rep, if this action wins the government contract, they are talking about a complete retool to redo their production line. *crossing fingers*

    I, for one, would LOVE to see that happen if the final production product is as good as the sample.

  8. CA357

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking for a new long range bolt rifle. Although I'll probably pick something up sooner than later.
  9. Shooter

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    I'm putting money aside to acquire some black rifles in preparation of what I expect to be an Obama victory though I hope it's not very much.
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    I always thought a 3 lug system would be much better as it allows for a 60 deg bolt throw and not a 90 plus you are spreading the stresses over more of the action. Saving time. The extractor is null to me but in the field under the condition a sniper platform would see i believe it to be a big big plus. If it is in a 338 caliber. I bet you $100 it is going to be a 338 Edge (300RUM necked up to a 338 cal) No that is not the 338 RUM as that cartridge is 1/10" shorter. The 338 Edge is suposed to match the 338 Laupa mag fps for fps. The recoil lug will make changing the barrels a snap and lower production cost as you do not have to machine the stocks as much...

    Quick change barrel like a savage would be a god send. Every time I see Savage Barrels for sell I kick my self for not buying a savage when I bought my 700.....
  11. Dillinger

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    Can't say for certain on the caliber there cpt, because I didn't ask for clarification at the time. We were both busy and the shop was a mad house, so the conversation went on over an hour with several "interruptions" from the paying customers. :D

    I have always liked the shorter throw bolts with the three lugs, I think it is just a safer, and more efficient, platform. Plus for the sniper community it will make reloads a breeze.

    Apparently there are open trials in about 2 months at some "to be disclosed" location. Supposedly there are three top companies that are applying for the contract with the "inside track". One of them is a small production house, believe it or not, that is making a rifle package on the Surgeon Rifle actions. I don't know if you have priced them, but I don't know how they are going to make any money on that contract with that base price for the action. I can't see the US Military shelling out $5K/per unit on sniper rifles - even if they are the best thing out there..... *shrug*

    I guess time will tell. If I get some more intel, I will let you guys know. I am pretty excited to see how this new package does at the tests. My 'Smith isn't easy to impress and he told me that this is one hell of a nice package from end to end.