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Not impressed with North American Arms "No Holster In the Box" policy

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I am not impressed with North American Arms policy to eliminate the included holster from new mini revolver boxes. As most know, the minis included a very functional holster as part of the original purchase up until a while back. This last weekend I bought a 3rd mini (dad visited from out of town and had to have my other 22mag over the holidays) and when I got home I was amazed that there was no holster in the new "hard" case. I know, I should have paid more attention and checked it all before leaving the store.

My opinion of North American Arms has gone from 1st to near worst for nickel-and-dimeing (to the tune of about $27-$37 with shipping) for something that historically has been included. To make matters even more distasteful, Georgia law requires a handgun be carried in a holster. My local dealers do not carry small enough aftermarkets or NAA stock holsters .... so I have a new "carry" gun that for at least a while I cannot carry. Bad business and I won't forget it.

I emailed NAA's owner Sandy Chisholm and he replied "Apparently, we can't please everybody, for which we're sorry."

Anyone else have opinions / experience in dealing with North American Arms customer service?

Lawrenceville, GA
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